Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Paul!!!

Wow, I must be getting old. David turned 18 in Aug., Tim turned 26 in the beginning of Oct. and now Paul is 24 today!! Its a good thing I have a 3 year old to keep me young. Seriously Paul, I wish for you a wonderful day. It seems like just yesterday you were playing out in the yard or burying dead woodchucks with your brother. ( I just KNOW it was your idea!!!) I have loved every (almost) minute of being your Mom. You are the one most like me. You love people and you like to give back to your community. You always want to help and are there if people need you. You keep your cool. Remember the time I was driving a standard and I couldn't get it up the hill. You jumped out of the car and ran down the hill to stop traffic so I could back down. You were only about 10 or 11 at the time!! I am proud that you take being a volunteer fireman so seriously and I love when I look on the back of your coat and see the words Asst. Chief!!! I love that Jenn already feels like a member of the family. And nothing beats the way that you took a little girl, who had no one to love her for 3 years, and loved her from the very start. She just lights up when her big brothers walk into the room. She now knows more love then some kids ever have. Thank you for that!!
I am grateful that you live so close and I get to see you, have lunch with you and share in your life. Have a great birthday!!!!!!

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