Thursday, October 22, 2009


Last night Sierra and I were reading a book about Pandas. It had a large map of China in it. I was showing her where in China she had come from. She said "Sierra not still in China?" And I said "No honey you are not still in China." She said "Sierra lives in uh......( she has trouble remembering the word America)... I am HOME!!! Yes my sweet, precious, brave child. You are HOME!! And there isn't a day that goes by that I do not thank God for orchestrating the events that led to your coming HOME!!!!

The lady bugs have hatched!!!

I have decided that the best way to get Sierra to smile is just have her jump in a pile of leaves!!!!

PS The new porch decorations were purchased and set up by my husband and Sierra while I was at work last Sunday. Aren't they cute!!!


  1. She's such a beautiful, sweet little girl. It is hard to have discussions about their lives before, but it is wonderful, too.

  2. Sierra's comment about being home brought tears to my eyes. We have both been blessed by our sweet China treasures! I just wish our Korean treasure would get here soon too!

    Love the jumping in the leaves pictures!


  3. I love that she is HOME!! What a beautiful story!! And I love the pictures!! Abby can't wait for enough leaves to fall to play in the leaves again...

  4. What reassuring are Home!!! I love the leaf pile...Julia wants to join Sierra and jump in as well!! Love your fall pics and your Halloween arrangement!

  5. She looks so darn happy. Hey, I have a disease... I keep replying to you in my head. I am so sorry. (or did I respond to you) Anyway, I was just thinking about how you mentioned being in MD in December. Give me more info on where you will be and lets work it out. I'd LOVE to see you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!