Friday, May 27, 2011

Kind of a lousy day.

  You know the kind of day, when things are overwhelming and you just pray that everything works out OK.  Today is like that.  And some things are woking out OK and others aren't.
    Two years ago my father inlaw was diagnosed with a reoccurance of the colon cancre he had" beaten" 7 years before.  He's been on chemo and had been doing fairly well.  Three weeks ago he was diagnosed with a tumor on his brain stem.  Not good news.  After a week in the hospital he came home and was doing fairly well...until Wed.  He was supposed to have surgery this morning to relieve some pressure on his brain...but they decide at the last minute not to proceed.  The prognosis is not good and we are all very sad.
   And today a close, dear, long time friend underwent surgery for ovarian cancer.  She is the 2nd friend in the last 5 months that has been diagonosed with this very scary cancer.  Her surgery this morning went well and the doctors are optimistic about its success.  Buts its all so overwhelming and so emotionally draining.  I leave it all in God's hands because I have no control over any of it!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Not a Coca Cola commercial!!

Sierra is learning this song in preschool for her graduation.  It really is a beautiful song!
( just put my playlist on pause!)