Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mother's Day to remember!!!

I am so lucky to have my sons close by.  David still lives home and the other two boys each live close by.  They stop by often...but I always love it when they come over on Mother's Day!  Today was no exception.  It was beautiful sky, warm temperatures and a nice breeze perfect for sitting out on the deck.  So we was so nice.  Here is a picture of me and my boys ( actually men!!!!) taken at the fire company dinner a few weeks back.  Tim, me, David and Paul.  I am sooo proud of them and the men they have become!
After they left we went to visit Sierra's Mimi.  Since both her Grandma's are in heaven Sierra has a special lady who fills in!  She is amazing and we love her so much!

Next, Sierra wanted to go to the Reservoir.  There is a huge man made lake only about 10 minutes away.  The backdrop to this Reservoir is the Catskill Mountains.  It is breathtakingly beautiful. The road over the dam is closed to vehicles but you can walk and bike ride,  Its probably 3 miles across.  Today the weather was perfect.  Scott and I walked and Sierra rode her was her first ride of the year!

After Scott took this wonderful photo of us...I was going to take one of Sierra and him.  I had the camera in my hand when I noticed this bird gliding in the breeze.  As it got closer I had a feeling I knew what it was  so I just started shooting.  

When it got directly over my head we could clearly see its white head and tail feathers.  Scott also noticed the fish in its talons.  It was incredible.  Bald eagles are slowly coming back to this area.  

It was  beautiful!

So I agree with Sierra...the whole day got a thumbs up!  I am so blessed to be the Mother of these children.  Thank you God for entrusting me with their care!