Saturday, March 12, 2011

So little time

So I have been back to work about a month.  It has gone fast as we have had snow days and says off etc.  I have so little free time and my blogging and computer time is really limited.  I miss blogging.
Sierra is doing fairly well with being at preschool all day.  She doesn't always love getting up but once we are on our way to school she seems happy to be  going.  She goes to a before school program which is in the gym most mornings.
I will start to try to write more.  I would like to do a post each week on some parenting tips.  I have been a parent for 27 years now and I think I have acquired some good information I would like to share!!
Anyway I will start that next week.

I am closing with some fun photos!
The many faces of Sierra

This is my favorite.  She gets great joy out of the fact that  she and her Daddy  can do this  ...but not me!!!

Love, love to hear and see her laugh!

Such an angelic look!!!