Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First post.

Welcome!! I hope you all made it here. Please leave a comment so I know the link works. I am excited as this new blog signals that the very long and sometimes painful wait for Sierra is over. She is here and will be forever. I no longer have to worry that no one is givinghera hug and kiss at night. I no longer worry that her cries are unheard. And believe it or not when I think of the past 2 years and especially the last 10 months or so all I feel is joy. We experienced the most amazing trip to China. All the heartache of a long wait for LOA slowly disappeared as we were united with our daughter. Our travel group holds a place very dear to our hearts. Our quides Susan and Alison will never be forgotten.The people of China were very kind to us. Our family and friends back home dealt with freezing cold temperatures, snow stornms and the death of our beloved dog Lucy. Our new friends John and Diane and their daughter Julia will be lifetime friends, as we shared much of the journey to China with them.And as always God was faithful in his promise to find us a child, the right child for us. My feelings are almost indescribeable. But when I look at the sparkle that is now always in Sierra's eyes, I know we are home!!!