Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thinking and praying for those of you who are so close!

I remember thinking while we were waiting so long for Sierras LOA that I certainly hope nothing will happen to cause us to wait even longer. I was thinking of the SARS problem which caused so many families a delay in getting their children. Although we waited a long time for our paperwork, nothing else, well except the holidays, stood in our way. My heart is so heavy today for those families who are so close to getting their children only to be told that due to the Swine Flu, travel to China will be delayed. It is still unknown to what extent, but there will probably be some delay. I can only imagine the heartache this is causing these families. It is hard enough falling in love with a child half way around the world, coming real close to getting to go and then this!!! I hope and pray their wait is short and they soon will be united with their children!
My friend's niece Sara and Sierra visiting a petting farm. (A place that is beautiful and I am lucky enough to work at part time)
There is nothing cuter than a baby lamb!
Yesterday Sierra and I visited Grace and her Mom, Jill again. They had a great time trying to spoon out the tadpole eggs that were in this pail.
Sierra was watching Grace the whole time today, trying to do everything she was doing. She was looking sideways to see if Grace was smiling!!!!

After Dave's baseball game today Sierra was carrying... what else... sunflower seeds!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Building a Bear

Today we went to Albany Med for Sierra's Drs. appointment. She was such a trooper and did not even cry when she had blood drawn. Everything is good. Since we are basically keeping Sierra's special need private I won't elaborate but if anyone is considering SN adoption from China, I will gladly share with you more information.

Afterwards we went to the Build a Bear Workshop. I have been wanting to do this ever since we decided to adopt!! They didn't have it when my other kids were this little and I think its soooo much fun. And it was. So now Sierra has a Panda that she helped stuff her self!!!

She's kissing the heart before putting it in!!

She's giving her panda an air bath!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Please pray!

Many of you will remember my post while we were in China of my friend Linny (bloggy and agency friend) who had a house fire. And then her son had emergency surgery 2 nights later. Well they just received word that their 19 year old daughter has a tumor in her brain on the pituitary gland. Please keep them in your prayers. They are still recovering from the fire as it has been extremely painful for them and now this..... Thank you all.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A few pictures from the game!!!

I've always said we have the prettiest field around.
Sierra and Jenn ready to watch the game!!

David playing at first and up at bat.

After the game with all 3 of her brothers. They all adore her!

Brushing off first base after the game.

Baseball is here, spring is in the air!!!

Sierra and I have attended quite a few baseball games in the last 2 weeks. David is on Varsity this year and they had 4 games last week. Of course the only one I didn't go to was the one they won!!! Luckily Sierra seems to enjoy them although she can't understand why David and Paul(her other brother is the assistant coach) can't come and talk to her when she calls them. I love that Paul is helping out with the team. He played JV and Varsity ball on the same team when he was in high school. The coach is a good friend of Paul's and asked Paul if he wanted to help out. He has been doing it for 3 years now. The Mom in me gets a little mad that the school district will pay for multiple coaches in other sports but will only pay one coach for baseball. but I give Paul credit, he volunteers all his time. He makes most practices and all the games. The kids seem to like him and this year he has David on the team. David has been playing back up first base, usually when the first basemen is pitching. He has done well. He went in to pitch during one game but that did not go as well. Everyone was struggling pitching that game. Today they have a game and it is COLD outside!!! I can't believe its supposed to be 85 on Saturday. Today its 50, cloudy and very windy!!! Not fun to sit out in this!!!
Dave pitching
Sierra found a pile of small pebbles behind the dugout. I had a plastic container in the car so she put a bunch of pebbles in it. Then she tried to carry it over to me! She did not realize how heavy it was.
Nothing like a backwards baseball cap to make a cute picture!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The weekend in review!

Sierra loves water so we took her to the nearby resevoir. It is man made but beautiful with the Catskill mountains in the background. I love the picture of her and her Daddy!!!
She loved seeing her shadow!!! She kept pointing to hers and then noticed Scotts and mine too!!

On Saturday my husband son,Paul, and I attended the funeral of my dear friend Art. Art had been Paul's Cub Scout Den leader many years ago and Paul is also a friend of Art's son Matt. It was the most amazing tribute to an amazing man. There was standing room only at the church. The scriptures were perfect, the music and hymns were comforting, and the stories shared of this wonderful man made you both laugh and cry. And we were all stunned t learn that the oncologist who had been caring for Art for more than 11 years was in attendence too. Art and Ellen had traveled to a city over an hour away to see this doctor who they had such great faith in and respect for. And she, in return, let Art's family know about how she felt about Art by taking the time to attend his funeral. It pretty much said it all!!!And today , if you drove by the church you would see on the sign the expression" Lookin' Good"! Anyone who knew Art knows how he used that expression often over the last 11 years when asked how he was doing. He was always "Looking Good" I will continue to pray for his family but Art's legacy of great optimism will help them through this difficult time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Sad Goodbye

A few weeks ago I posted about a dear friend whose husband ( also a dear friend ) was battling cancer. This morning Art passed away with his wife and daughter by his side. Yesterday Sierra and I went and said our goodbyes to one of the most incredible men I have ever known. I am so glad that Sierra had a chance to meet him. Art was always a morning person so it was no surprise that he was taken to heaven as the sun was rising and the birds were beginning to sing. There is more to this story. Art was very close to his mother. His younger brother had died as a child leaving Art as a only child. After Art's father died Harriet (Art's mother ) came and lived across the road from Art and Ellen. When visiting Harriet she always mentioned the fact ( many times) what a wonderful son Art was ( and he was). Don't worry Ellen, she ALWAYS mentioned what a wonderful wife he picked and how much she loved her grandchildren. Harriet has been in a nursing home and recently her health has declined. Last Saturday she stopped eating on the same day that Art stopped eating. And at 7:00pm last night exactly 12 hours before her beloved son, Harriet passed away. Neither was aware of the others imminent end. None of us that knew Art or his mother believe that this was a coincidence. There is a bond between mother and child like no other. And then there is Ellen, a wife who so lovingly cared for the man she has loved most of her life ( they were high school sweethearts) and now is planning the funerals of both her husband and mother in law. My heart and my prayers go out to this family and I am asking all of you to please pray for them also. Art and Ellen have always been best friends and although no one has wanted to see him suffer it is hard for any of us to imagine life without Art in it. I have no doubt he is in a better place and is free from pain and discomfort. I also know his family's hearts are broken and I hope for them some peace. I will miss you Art, you have given us all so much!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

A family Easter!

What a wonderful Easter Day we had.It was Sierra's first big holiday with us. Sierra and I went to church in our Sunday best!!! I was honored to be asked to read the Scripture for the Easter Sunday! What a blessing!!! It was so cute when Sierra waved to Pastor Paul during the service! ( and he waved back!!!)At 3:00 we had 23 family members over for dinner. I love having that much company and Scott is an awesome help. Actually, I am the help as he does most of the cooking and cleaning. I do the "talking to guests" part!! After dinner we have an Easter egg hunt for all the kids. We had 8 kids participate. The worst part was, they had to have winter coats, as it was cool and VERY windy...Ugh......!

I had warned my kids that we would be taking some group pictures!! Now the first picture is a group shot of Scott, me, all 3 of my sons and theirgirlfriends and Sierra. Looks good right? Well that is after I had to Photoshop the ears and horns coming out of Paul's head!!! You can't see it but there is a deer on the wall behind Paul I was worried about the glare from the window and never paid attention to the deerhead. We all got a good laugh out of it!!! Here are some more Easter photos including one of Sierra on her new (used) 4 wheeler that Paul and Jenn got her.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A very special bunny!!!

David's grandmother ( my former husband's mother ) made this very special bunny for Sierra. She will be 92 years old this year. In November she fell in her basement and broke her hip. She had to have surgery and rehab. 5 months later she is walking, driving and working outside in her garden!! She is an amazing woman, full of faith and love for her family. She even sent along an extra dress so we can change bunny's clothes. How sweet is this bunny. Sierra is so loved!!!!

One of my favorite's: Sierra helping DADDY do the dishes!

I call this Sierra's Elton John look. I love the one with her working on her computer!!!

A few Sundays ago, Daddy made Sierra a special happy face pancake. How adorable and what a special Daddy!!

Thanks Dadddy!!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Where oh where has spring gone???

Here it is the week before Easter and what did I see outside today???? Snow!!! Not accumulating snow but snow just the same. And it felt like snow, cold, damp and windy. I am a winter lover but Oh how I long for spring, especially this year. I dream of all the fun things Sierra and I can do in nicer weather: Planting, walking, bike riding, dog walking, laying in the grass looking at clouds(we've already done that on once),eating breakfast on the porch, eating lunch on her picnic table on the deck,smelling flowers and on and on!

Today I attended the funeral of a dear friend's father. I've known Debbie for over 25 years. Many years ago I spent time at her house with her parents. Her Dad was a great guy. Although Debbie and I have remained close I have not seen her parents much even though they only live with in 10 miles of my house. Its always hard to lose a parent no matter how old they are. I will be remembering Deb and her family in my prayers, I am so sad that my parent's never got to meet Sierra. Actually my Mom never got to meet David either. I often think of how much they would have enjoyed this whole adoption journey. But I am thankful to God for the family and friends that we do have in our lives. I never take it for granted how fortunate we are.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

We went to Mimi's (Sierra's "grandmother", both Scott's mom and mine are deceased)
today and Piper and Sierra were flying a kite. Here they are running down the hill! Sierra has the string and Piper has the kite. Here they are after they both fell.
Mimi is wiping the dirt off Sierra's face!!

Sierra had a wonderful time!!!!

We also went to a local park that has a great playground. A rare picture of Mom and SIerra!!

After the park it was time for the first ice cream cone of the season!!

Daddy and Sierra moved into the sun where it was a little warmer.

Just a cute picture from the other day!!