Sunday, April 5, 2009

We went to Mimi's (Sierra's "grandmother", both Scott's mom and mine are deceased)
today and Piper and Sierra were flying a kite. Here they are running down the hill! Sierra has the string and Piper has the kite. Here they are after they both fell.
Mimi is wiping the dirt off Sierra's face!!

Sierra had a wonderful time!!!!

We also went to a local park that has a great playground. A rare picture of Mom and SIerra!!

After the park it was time for the first ice cream cone of the season!!

Daddy and Sierra moved into the sun where it was a little warmer.

Just a cute picture from the other day!!


  1. Love the kite flying pictures and the beautiful smile on Sierra's face. I knew her smile would be so beautiful, like the sum on a cloudy day, warms you right up... She looks like she is smiling more as she is feeling more secure... Keep up the good work. Linda

  2. Sierra is beautiful - I have said that from the first day I saw her precious face! I am so happy for you and look forward to following your blog... I sometimes feel like we are "soul mates" destined to meet each other and be great friends! Someday...