Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Where oh where has spring gone???

Here it is the week before Easter and what did I see outside today???? Snow!!! Not accumulating snow but snow just the same. And it felt like snow, cold, damp and windy. I am a winter lover but Oh how I long for spring, especially this year. I dream of all the fun things Sierra and I can do in nicer weather: Planting, walking, bike riding, dog walking, laying in the grass looking at clouds(we've already done that on once),eating breakfast on the porch, eating lunch on her picnic table on the deck,smelling flowers and on and on!

Today I attended the funeral of a dear friend's father. I've known Debbie for over 25 years. Many years ago I spent time at her house with her parents. Her Dad was a great guy. Although Debbie and I have remained close I have not seen her parents much even though they only live with in 10 miles of my house. Its always hard to lose a parent no matter how old they are. I will be remembering Deb and her family in my prayers, I am so sad that my parent's never got to meet Sierra. Actually my Mom never got to meet David either. I often think of how much they would have enjoyed this whole adoption journey. But I am thankful to God for the family and friends that we do have in our lives. I never take it for granted how fortunate we are.

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  1. Hi Kathie,

    I hate to tell you that it has been in the 80's here in the Phoenix area and the weather has been beautiful! It turned out to be the very best time of the year to be on maternity leave and we have been enjoying every minute of it! I go back to work next month and I just cringe when I think about it.

    Love the pic of Sierra enjoying playing in the grass. She seems to be doing so well. If she's like Lauren, she's been showing more and more personality every day! It's amazing how far Lauren has come since we've been home and I'm sure you see the same in Sierra. Isn't it great to watch them blossom and grow? I've been having a ball.

    Please give Sierra a big hug from us and say hi to Scott!

    Donna :)