Friday, May 29, 2009


Sierra finished gymnastics a couple of weeks ago.

She really liked it and learned a lot. She was obviously"younger" than the other 3 year olds, but she did very well listening, waiting her turn, etc. She was very proud of the ribbon she received at the last class.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Some pictures from today!!!

The front of our house. We watch the parade sitting right in our front lawn!!!

It's coming!

Cousins Jake and Ben carrying the Fire Co. Banner!!

Sierra being held by our dear friend Alan and watching for her Daddy!!! There he is!!!
And there is Pop Pop!

And brother Paul who gets to wear a white hat because he is an Asst. Chief!!

Holding the candy that was thrown to her!!

The ceremony at the Community Center!

Watching with her cousins and brother!

Afterwards we had a family barbecue. Sierra playing ball with Jake!

And what better way to end the day than with a little evening fishing with Daddy and David. Sierra caught a bass but of course it was before I got there with the camera!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day weekend!!

Please remember all those who have lost their lives so that we may live and enjoy the freedoms that we have. This past year, after traveling half way around the world, has made me realize how very lucky we are. Though for many, these are hard times, let us not forget those who have fought and are fighting now.
Please pray for my friend Linny. Her beloved log home was demolished this week 4 months after it caught fire. The insurance company declared it a total loss. Her family is grieving the loss their beautiful home. Read her post at
Here are some random pictures taken awhile back of Sierra. I thank God and my very hardworking husband, who is now working an extra 25 hours a week so I can be home with Sierra. The walks that I take with her mean the world to me. We walk slow and take in all that God has so lovingly created. Emma( our Australian shepherd) and Sierra are becoming good friends. Emma does not love little children so it has been a slow process. But as you can see they are doing fine!!!
Happy Memorial Day to all and a big thank you to all those who have served or who are now serving our country!!!
Sierra was watchining Emma eat grass and all of a sudden she had to have some too!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fun with new friends!!!!

Today we met with my friend Wendy and her 3 children Emily, Melody and Steven. Melody is from the same orphanage as Sierra and Steven is the same age but from a different part of China

First we met at a park!!

After we were done at the park we went to their house for lunch and fun in the sprinkler. It was Sierra's first time as far as I know!! She looked too cute in her bathing suit. Oh and they had two of Sierra's favorite things.... baby ducks and a cat!!! The rest of the pictures speak for themselves. Thanks Wendy, Emily, Melody, and Steven, we had a wonderful time!!!!

My favorite!!!!

Pancake Breakfast

On Sunday Scott headed up a Pancake breakfast at the Firehouse. They do this to raise money for the fire Company for things not covered by their budget. Its also a way for the guys to have some fun together. This was Sierra's first breakfast and she loved it. She helped me collect money, helped clean tables and even helped fold them up. All my kids are members of the fire co. too so its a real family affair!!!
My son Tim taking a break!! He spent the whole time in front of that griddle!!
Scott had a griddle of his own!!!
Sierra with her friend Alan (left) and her cousin Jake all wearing their towels.
She caught on real fast and loved helping brother David fold up the tables!!
All in a days work!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We first saw her face........

One year ago today I received a call at work that forever changed our lives. Our SN advocate spoke the words, "I think I have found a little girl who might be perfect for your family" I still remember the joy I felt. I ran home, I only live 2 houses a way from the school, and opened my email to view her file. Then I opened her pictures, As soon as I saw her face, I knew. I printed out her pictures and raced around town to find Scott, who works for the highway department. Together on the side of the road, we looked at the face of our new daughter. It was a joyous day, one I will never forget. Sierra has been such a gift and she is perfect for our family. God knew what he was doing!!! And oh has she blossomed. We were very lucky during our long wait for LOA to have received many pictures of Sierra. But in NONE of the pictures was she smiling. She looked sad and it broke my heart. Now that she is home our house resonates with the sound of her laughter and my heart is filled with gratitude for all those who have made this possible
I will also never forget the timing. On Friday May 16th 2008 I lost a very dear friend Christine, to breast cancer. On Monday May 19th we received the referral of Sierra. The two events will always be linked together in my mind and Christine's memory will live on as little Sierra Christine Weixi Hikade grows and reaches her full potential.
There were many moments of this journey, that are etched in my mind forever but referral day was the first. I will share with you the first pictures we saw of our precious little girl!!

And here she is now with a mouth full of cake...

And with her mommy and Daddy who love her so much!!!!!!!

Praise God that we were united with this precious little angel and she is a gift we will treasure forever!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just some more pictures!!

I love walking in the field behind our house with Sierra. There is so much for her to see and discover. She likes it too! She gets a ittle tired of me taking pictures so I have to catch them when I can!!! And of course we have to do a thorough tick check when we return. But I don't let it stop us!!! Today it is rainy and I miss being able to go outside. For me its one of the best parts of being home is that I can go outside whenever I want.