Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bronx Zoo Adventure!!!

Today Scott, Sierra and I took a trip to the Bronx Zoo. We had a blast. Sierra loved it and we loved watching her love it!!! The pictures speak for themselves! Her language has come along so nicely that she new many of the animals by name. At least, bear , penguin, goat, seal,monkey, butterfly,fish,etc!

She even got to help Pete drive the bus!!! ( Not!!!!)

I have been so waiting for Sierra's first rainbow. When we got back it was puring and we were waiting on the porch of the Community Center. Scott ran to the car and then started yelling for me to bring Sierra out quickly. And there is was, right above us a full arc of a beautiful rainbow. sierra said Look Mommy , a rainbow!!!! and then she started naming all the colors she saw. It was a perfect ending for a perfect day!!!

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