Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day and a Happy Birthday to my Wonderful husband!

I have to start off by wishing my husband Scott a wonderful birthday. This is his first birthday as a dad and I know its special. He is an amazing husband and father and my best friend. He was born on Mother's Day so its neat when the time comes around for his birthday to be on Mother's day again. his mother always said he was the best Mother's Day present any mom could ask for!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all our travel families. These are special Moms!!

I also can't help but think of my friend Christine who I called last Mother's Day. She had gone out to breakfast, mowed the lawn and had gone out to dinner. It was the last time I talked to her. Sadly 5 days later she lost a courageous battle against breast cancer. Sierras' name is Sierra Christine, in her honor. She was an awesome Mom and I miss her!!!

And then there is a women who I know almost nothing about. I do know that a little over 3 years ago she made a decision that I can only assume was very difficult. She took her new born baby, dressed her in a pink outfit and wrapped her in a red blanket. She put her in a box and left her in front of a very busy hospital. This Mom made sure her baby would be found. If I could I would tell her that her baby is fine. Her baby is happy, smart and loved. Her baby is healthy and will have many opportunities in her life. I would tell her that some day I will tell her daughter of a Mom who loved her but could not take care of her. I would tell this woman who lives 1/2 way around the world that now, that little baby, has a Mom who both loves her more than anyone could imagine and a family who is hers forever. I would thank this women for giving her daughter a chance at life!!!

And a very happy Mothers Day to all of you out there!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to you Hubby!
    Thank you so much for praying for Kyndall. I am just in awww......God has pulled so many people together to lift up in prayer a little girl they have never met. What an awesome God we have. The scans brought good news and we continue to pray for her to recover 100%.
    Thank you again for walking with me through this scary time. I look forward to getting to know you more and reading about your family.

    Robin Reed

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Scott!!!
    I am so glad that we got our blog up and running so we can keep in touch that way along with our calls...I love naptime calls
    It truly has been an incredible Mother's Day!!


  3. Kathie - what a sweet post! I forgot about you losing your friend Christine a year ago. What a nice memory. I am happy you had a wonderful Mother's Day - that Scott had a great birthday and that Sierra got to experience Mother's Day with her Mommy!