Sunday, January 30, 2011

Change of plans

Tomorrow I was supposed to start back to work after my two year leave.  I haven't written about it becasue frankly I don't even like thinking about it.  But I won't be going back until Tuesday.  Last Wed a friend (and Life Partner of my son's godmothe) died suddenly from bacterial menengitis.  He had just turned 50 and was sick less than 24 hours.  Tomorrow is his Celebartion of Life.  Please remember our friend Tammy in your prayers.  She and Jeff have been together 27 years and have lived life in a way we all should.  But she is sad about facing  life without her partner in it.  They have no childdren altough she has been surrounded by a sea of friends.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

5 years old today!

Two years ago a little girl woke up in a hotel in China.  She was leaving China that day for her new home in America.  She was with her Mommy and her Daddy and her brother, David, but she had only met them 11 days before.  It was January 23rd and it was her 3rd birthday.  Many hours and plane miles later she arrived at her new house, and because of the time change, it was still her birthday.  Family members she had never met before stood around a dining room table and sang Happy Birthday to her in a language she did not  understand.  When given a wrapped present she did not know what to do with it.  But she went to bed that night surrounded by a family who already felt great love for this child.
Today, 2 years later, the same little girl and the same family members gathered around the same dining room table and sang happy birthday .  She knew the words to the song now and sang along with them...and when it was time to open her presents, she knew what to do.  Much has changed for this little girl.  Even more has changed for her family.  And every year on January 23rd we will gather around and celebrate Sierra's birthday and remember the night when a very brave three year old walked into our front door and made herself home in our hearts.  Happy 5th Birthday Sierra.  We love you so much!!
                                              Sierra's first night home and her 3rd birthday!

Sierra turning 4!

Now she is 5!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Forever Family Day ... 2 years!

Time is such a relative concept.  On one hand I can't believe how fast the 2 years have flown by.  On the other hand it seems like Sierra has been part of our life forever.  It is hard to imagine what our lives were like before that fateful day in China when a beautiful almost 3 year old walked into our lives.  To say she has been a blessing is an understatement.  Words can not express the joy that she has brought to our lives. And oh how she has changed the way I look at life. People often comment on how much she has learned in such a short amount of time but  truly it is me who has learned the most.
Some of the things I have been educated on!

1.   You can certainy, absolutely,not even a thought about it, love your adopted child as much as the chilren you gave birth to!! (For those of you wondering and maybe thinking....)
2.  50 is not too old to become a parent to a 3 year old.  Yes, I am a bit more tired at the end of the day, but oh what a wonderful, accomplished tired it is!!
3.  Staying home with your child as long as you can is the best thing for your child. ( I already knew that, but the time I got to spend home with Sierra has been a bit more of a financial sacrifice then when I was home with the boys.  Still, I wouldn't have traded it for anything!!)
4.  Your family will love and accept your daughter without a thought.  To my familiy and to Scott' ROCK!!!
5.  Love can transform!!!
6.  Gentle words, not harsh, loud ones, are heard much more clearly!
7.  Short, shaved hair WILL eventually grow into long beautiful hair!!!
8.  Although we may not think of orpanange life as a great life, your daughter will tell you that the kids were her family and she misses them.
9.  You have to be patient!  (Sierra's words on many occasions.  And ,yes, some of the time I was thinking I was exhibiting huge amounts of patience...but you can always be a little more.  I hope she teaches this lesson, in a polite way, to her teachers once she starts school!!)
10. Big, tough boys( OK  so they are really  men!) can turn into big mushes when a cute little sister enters their lives!
11. Laughter IS always the best medicine.
12.  One learns by asking questions...many,.... many, .....MANY, questions!
13.  Girls are born with a fashion sense!!  Just the other day Sierra asked me if I had any dresses.  When I asked why she replied  "Becasue I think it would be nice if you wore a dress to my gymnastics today.  You should look nice." No,  I didn't put on a dress, but I did change out of my yucky jeans and put on a nicer pair...with a nicer shirt!
14. GOD is soooo good!!!
So on this 2 year anniversary, as the snow continues to fall,  I am again reminded of the many blessings that have been bestowed on me.  I will never forget our journey to China.... the places we saw , the people we met and the friends we made.  And I will thank God every day for giving me the opportunity to be  "Mom" to this very special little girl who I am honored to call my daughter!

January 12th, 2009
January, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Memories of two years ago!!

Remember what its like when you are pregnant.  And you know and feel that baby growing inside you and you just can't wait to meet him/her.  And the time drags on and after 9 months you wonder if today is going to be the day.  Well for over 9 months in 2008 I had a child growing in my heart.  I knew her name, I  new what she looked like...I called her my daughter and I longed to meet her, to touch her, to hear her voice and as I always tell Sierra." I just wanted to know what your  tiny hand would feel like when it was tucked tightly into mine.  When we left on January 8th 2008 we knew the time was near.  We knew that on January 12th , the waiting and wondering would end and a new journey would begin.  There were 14 other families with us...some had been matched with thier children only a short time before but had been logged in and waiting for them for years.  Others had been matched months earlier and were only now traveling for their children.  We arrived on a Friday night and spent Saturday sightseeing.  We went t  Tianeman Square , The Forbidden City, The Olympic Park and finally, the Great Wall of China.  I was overwhelmed that day, with what I was seeing.  Years before I never would have believed that some day I would be in China.  But we were there and were able to share it with the amazing families that traveled with us.  And today as we posted our thoughts and feelings on Facebook,  I realizeg how storng the bond between us is.  Spread out all over the US we may or may not see everyone again.  But we have shared a exoerience that will keep us connected forever...and every year during this week, we will think about that amazing time and want to reach out and share with those who understand!!

read my feelings on that day  here:

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Music!!

I hope you enjoy some of my favorites. I love many different kinds of always makes me feel better!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

A snowy day....

                                                                     and a walk into town

                                                                 to our favorite bagel place

                                                             for a cup of hot chocolate
                                                   and goodbye hugs to a friend leaving for college
                                                                 walked back home
                                                               where another friend was waiting
                                                                    found a patch of ice
                                            and played for an hour (while Mommy shoveled)
                                                     back inside with red, rosy cheeks and much laughter
a perfect snowy day!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

So far behind!!

I have been so poor at updating my blog lately.  I hope I still have some readers left!!  I still have some great Disney pics and stories I want to share but I figure I will catch up from the holidays.  It was a wonderful Christmas, simple with tons of time with family.  Its the way I would like it to be.  Sierra was a bit overwhelmed with the attention and was not her usual cheerful self.   It only proves my point...simple is better.  Sierra had a week off from preschool and we had fun spending it together.  I have to return to my full time job on Jan. 31(after a 2 year leave) so I we are trying to have as  much fun as possible.  I really can't imagine what it is going to be like but summer vacation is not too far away.  I have NEVER had to work before my kids were in school but I have been blessed to have these 2 years home with her.( I should clarify that when my boys were little I did home child care for 14 I did work but I got to stay home!!!)  The preschool she attends has an all day class plus before and after care and after all.....both Scott and I are done with work at 3:30!!!  She likes going for 3 hours a day for now but the change to all day will be tough for her too.  But.....
So we have some fun things planned.  In 2 weeks we will be traveling about an hour and 15 minutes to meet a family we met briefly in China.  We have been cyber friends for a while and just realized that we live about 2-21/2 hours away so we are planning a meeting soon.. Can't wait!!
We hope to visit a nearby Children's Museum with another friend too!
I am also going to re organize my house so that while I am working things will be easier to keep neat.  I really need a dumpster to get rid of so much stuff we don't need.  But we are planning a yard sale in the spring and much stuff will be there!!  Wish me luck on this!!
I am still working at the farm 3 mornings a week and will miss it when I leave.  It is fun to work doing physical labor and I won't have as much of that in the school.

Here are some shots of the past week or so.  We have had very cold weather, snow, and unseasonably warm weather...all in the same week!!  I got some cross country skiing I was happy.  Hopefully there is more snow coming this weekend!!

My buried car!!
 A winter wonderland!
 Sierra's brother Paul has a snow mobile and came over to give Sierra a ride.  Again we are so lucky to have over a hundred acres behind our house perfect for snowmobiling and cross country skiing!


 Go!!!  And look who is driving all by herself!!

Sierra drew this picture of me the other day.  I thought it was pretty good!!  I loved the detail in the eyes!!

So I wish everyone a Happy,Healthy and safe New Year!!  Please continue praying for my friend. She will need our prayers and support in the coming months!!  It is a reminder to all of us that we can not take good health for granted.  No one is immune from serious illness.