Monday, January 10, 2011

Memories of two years ago!!

Remember what its like when you are pregnant.  And you know and feel that baby growing inside you and you just can't wait to meet him/her.  And the time drags on and after 9 months you wonder if today is going to be the day.  Well for over 9 months in 2008 I had a child growing in my heart.  I knew her name, I  new what she looked like...I called her my daughter and I longed to meet her, to touch her, to hear her voice and as I always tell Sierra." I just wanted to know what your  tiny hand would feel like when it was tucked tightly into mine.  When we left on January 8th 2008 we knew the time was near.  We knew that on January 12th , the waiting and wondering would end and a new journey would begin.  There were 14 other families with us...some had been matched with thier children only a short time before but had been logged in and waiting for them for years.  Others had been matched months earlier and were only now traveling for their children.  We arrived on a Friday night and spent Saturday sightseeing.  We went t  Tianeman Square , The Forbidden City, The Olympic Park and finally, the Great Wall of China.  I was overwhelmed that day, with what I was seeing.  Years before I never would have believed that some day I would be in China.  But we were there and were able to share it with the amazing families that traveled with us.  And today as we posted our thoughts and feelings on Facebook,  I realizeg how storng the bond between us is.  Spread out all over the US we may or may not see everyone again.  But we have shared a exoerience that will keep us connected forever...and every year during this week, we will think about that amazing time and want to reach out and share with those who understand!!

read my feelings on that day  here:

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  1. so glad we were able to meet you & your family on that wonderful trip!

    Looking forward to the day we can make it NY to see all of you11!