Monday, August 30, 2010

Favorite Fairs!

we so love going to our local county fairs.  There are 2 that we try to attend every year.  One is our small Ulster County Fair which is a regular ole county Fair with animals, vegetables, lots of 4H exibits etc...and a midway!!! sierra and I rode the ferris when and oh she was so excited!!. 

right after we got off we ran into my son Paul who decided to try to "ring the bell' for Sierra...

and he did!!

The other fair we attend is the Dutchess County Fair.  It is a fair on a much larger scale.  Many, many exibits, many many people and tons of fun!!

Scott and Sierra trying their skills at the squirting game


Next Scott aand Sierra were playing a game where they had to throw rings at bottles .  It really was too hard but Sierra had fun trying.  All of a sudden though she stopped and walked a few feet away.  She had heard this roller coaster an wanted to check it out.  She just stared at it, didn't say a word and watched it go around and around.  Then she went back to playing.

One of her favorites and mine too.  The first time Sierra and I rode on a carousel together was in China.  She always gets excited wehn the horses go up and down!

                                       And finally this look of pure joy.  I get teary- eyed everytime I witness it.  Something we take for granted.....flying down a hill with the wind in our face!!
It doesn't get better than this!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just some more summer pics!!

Sunsets and storms from over Lake Ontario

Float from the Children's Day parade

Sierra in the barn sitting on hay!!

Catching up....again!!

A picture from early summer. It is hard to get Sierera to smile a natural smile. For some reason she was really laughing when I took these pictures. I just love it!!!

Summer is such a busy time. My six week summer camp program has come and gone. What a delight it was to spend my days at our town park with 40 or so kids from ages 6 to 13 and the high school counselors who work with me. My friends Linda and Annabel have been working with me for the past 10 years or so. I started at this camp when my son Tim was 10 months old and now he is almost 27 years old. I took a few years off but not many!! The best part is that Sierra gets to come with me.She learned many things watching the older kids. She watched them and watched them until she could make her own lanyards. There were 4th a 5th graders who couldn't get the hang of it but she persevered until she could. Its a half day program so we still have time to do real fun summer things! Sierra has learned pretty much how to swim on her own. Its amazing to watch her!!

David competed in his last year as a 4H er in the County Fair. It seems like just yesterday that he was watching his older brothers and couldn't wait to show his own cows. It has been fun and a great learning experience or him. He will miss the excitement of spending a week at the fair!

Sierra is all set to start pre school in the fall. I can't believe the time is here already. I don't have to return to work unitl January 31 so we will still have lots of time to have fun in the afternoons. I am thrilled that I get to spend another Fall home. I will be working part time at the farm while she is in school but that is as much fun as it is work. Today I worked 4 hours and Sierra came with me. How blessed am I that I can take her to work!!!
Our friends jsut returned home from China with a sweet little girl who turned 2 on Sunday. This family has suffered a loss that is most unimagineable but through God's grace, has adopted another little girl. We look forward to spending lots of time with their family!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

For all you would be Moms who think you are too old!!

So maybe its because I am quickly approaching my 51st birthday, Or maybe its because I really want to go back to China and adopt again. Or maybe its because my youngest son just turned 19. Or maybe its because my middle son is now planning his wedding. But whatever the reason, I have been thinking a lot about being an "older Mom" Now let me say right off...I don't feel old. I am told I don't look "that" old ( gotta love THAT comment ) and I am pretty healthy. I could be in better physical shape but really...I can still run, I like to swim, ride bikes, go camping and for the most part I can easily keep up with my 4 year old daughter. i do admit that I am often very tired at the end of the day..but I sleep really well too, which wasn't always the case!! I seem to have more patience for some things and maybe a little less for others. I so love seeing the world through a child's eyes again and I try not to rush her or I through the day.

But those dreaded time restraints often get in the way and I am known to exclaim"hurry up Sierra!" Where she usually quickly answers back " you have to be patient Mama". So if any of you over 40s out there are thinking about becoming adoptive parents, especially ...go for it!!

Believe me , the child you are adopting will not care that you are not 25. They will care that they have found a Mommy who has tons and years of experience behind her and one that will know how to love them forever!!

Sierra and I on vacation this summer!