Monday, August 30, 2010

Favorite Fairs!

we so love going to our local county fairs.  There are 2 that we try to attend every year.  One is our small Ulster County Fair which is a regular ole county Fair with animals, vegetables, lots of 4H exibits etc...and a midway!!! sierra and I rode the ferris when and oh she was so excited!!. 

right after we got off we ran into my son Paul who decided to try to "ring the bell' for Sierra...

and he did!!

The other fair we attend is the Dutchess County Fair.  It is a fair on a much larger scale.  Many, many exibits, many many people and tons of fun!!

Scott and Sierra trying their skills at the squirting game


Next Scott aand Sierra were playing a game where they had to throw rings at bottles .  It really was too hard but Sierra had fun trying.  All of a sudden though she stopped and walked a few feet away.  She had heard this roller coaster an wanted to check it out.  She just stared at it, didn't say a word and watched it go around and around.  Then she went back to playing.

One of her favorites and mine too.  The first time Sierra and I rode on a carousel together was in China.  She always gets excited wehn the horses go up and down!

                                       And finally this look of pure joy.  I get teary- eyed everytime I witness it.  Something we take for granted.....flying down a hill with the wind in our face!!
It doesn't get better than this!


  1. Looks like a great look at those prizes. Julia has a pig that looks just like that one Sierra. I remember the carousel in China....always a favorite. Love the slide picture

  2. I work at Disney World which of course is pretty cool place to visit, however, there is something special about a fair. The animals, exhibits and home baked goods, are why that is a more fun place for me. I loved going to the fair when I was a kid, and I used to raise rabbits for 4H!

  3. We love the county fair! Here they are held earlier in the summer and our kids count down the days. I grew up in 4-H so it was fun to have Lenna in her first year of 4-H this year. Because we live so rural (middle of now where:) Our fair is small- looks like you all had some awesome rides!