Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Anniversary to the best husband a girl could have!!!  I can't imagine my live without him in it.  He is an awesome husband and father and works so hard to make sure are family is safe.  Thanks Scott for all you do for us.  I love you with all my heart!!!!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back in to a routine!

For the most part I would love to be a SAHM.  Or at least a part time worker. But do have to say that now that Sierra is in school, I don't mind working as much.  Especially since she is attending the school that I work at.  And I do tend to function better with a schedule.  So for the most part things are going along pretty smoothly.  I have had a run of bad news that has gotten me down a bit. ...  the passing of Scott's Dad... many friends ill, many with cancer....a very dear friend may soon be moving out of state....another friend's Mom was killed when a tree branch fell on her head, just yucky stuff that has left me in a bit of a funk.  But I'm trying to work myself into a good place.  Trying to find out what lies ahead for us.  It is no secret that i would love to adopt again.  The joy that Sierra has brought to our lives is amazing...I have always wanted a large family...I love being a Mom and I would love for Sierra to have a sibling nearer her own age and I would love to go to China again.  So we are thinking and praying and trying to figure it all out.
So exactly one month from son will be getting married to his sweet Jenn.  What a day of joyous celebration that will be.   The first of the boys to be married.  What fun!!!!!

Another thing that has been eating at me , is the behavior of many children in school.  I do believe that much of it comes from bad parenting...not all...but much.  Many children are not being parented, instead they are the ones calling the shots.Not given the opportunity to  problem solve OR being given too many choices about too many things.  It is so obvious.  Therefore in school they are having a lot of trouble following rules and being good students.  I am going to be writing some posts about this.  It is VERY scary to me.  I told one girl today that i was just trying to help her with a problem (she had started to give me an attitude)  and she replied  "Oh...I thought you were going to yell at me...I have been getting yelled at my entire life!!"  She is in second sad!!   I over heard another parent  say to a friend of hers that she had been trying to get her 8 year old daughter to change her shirt for 3 days!  excuse me???  who is the grown up??   I think I want to be a teacher of  parents!!

On Sunday night we celebrated the Mid Autumn Festival with our friends who have also adopted from China.  We had a great time at our house and were able to get this awesome picture!!!  I love this family...they were the ones who helped guide us to China adoption.   They are an amazing family and we are blessed to have them in our lives!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten!!

I remember the day we first met Sierra. She was 3 and pretty tiny, I remember being so glad that her birthday was in January because she wouldn't have to start school until she was over 5 1/2. I remember thinking that day was over 2 years away and I remember thinking.." oh but i know its going to go so fast!" I was right...the day! I hated when the boys started school. I was a SAHM and I loved having them around. I did home day care and had a mess of kids everyday. But every morning I put them on the bus and waited patiently until they came home. Them coming home was my favorite part of the day. But I know something now that I didn't know before. Not all kids get to go to school. Many, many children around the world do not have the privilege of an education. If the truth be told, there is a chance that SIerra would not have attended school if she stayed in China. She might have attended a school in the orphanage but not the school out in town. Actually I recently found out that she had been enrolled in the SWIs Open Arms Program ( designed for infants 0-2) only to be removed when her medical condition became diagnosed. She was then placed in a room with other Special lNeeds kids who were taken care of by older girls from the orphanage. Kids taking care of kids. Their room was closed off to visitors. And these kids didn't go to school. So my take on her first day of school was a little different. She is so bright and is a sponge soaking in every bit of knowledge she can. I love that about her...her enthusiasm to learn. So I rejoiced and thanked God for the chance that she has been given. The opportunity to become ALL that she can become! Oh and the other part of her going to school that is making it so much easier??? Did I mention that she is attending the school that I work in??? That she gets to ride ( the 2/10 of a mile) with me up to school? That on this first day, her Daddy did put her on the bus to ride up the hill...but I got to take her off the bus when she arrived at school?? That her teacher said she can give me hugs whenever she sees me?? It really does not get much better than that!!!!!!!

Sierras 2 older brothers stopped by this morning to wish her a good day.  David hadn't left for college yet so I was able to get this photo of all my kiddos!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hurricane video

Turn off song list, at the right, before watching!!

Although our house was spared damage this video is of other areas in our county...which did not fare as well! Please pray that Katia goes away!