Monday, August 31, 2009

Catching up with pictures.

These are pictures of my surprise 50th birthday!

Me spotting and hugging my sister Beth!

My niece Jamie and my oldest son Tim.

My sister, Beth, me and my brother Dave!

Sierra helping me blow out the candles!

Sierra and brother Paul The whole crew!

On Thursdays Sierra and I go t our friends Debbie's Bagle shop. Sierra loves Debbie and the feeling is mutual. She gets to go behind the counter and "help". This past Thursday we decided to walk up. Really walk, with no stroller. It was a beautiful day and Sierra's first with real pig tails! She kept wanting me to stop and take her picture!

At home in the apple tree before we left!

Stopped in front of our friend Pat's house with the beautiful flowers!!

Helping Debbie behind the counter!

Picking flowers with Debbie

On the way home with flowers in hand!

Friday, August 28, 2009

It's Final!

There are times as parents that your heart just breaks because of the pain your child is in. It could be physical or emotional. The times when you wish there was something you could do to ease their pain...but there is nothing you can do. You always wish you could transfer their pain to yourself. Tonight was one of those nights. Scott, Sierra and I were at Dutchess County's big Fair. Scott's cell phone rang and it was my middle son Paul. He said David had just arrived at his house and the decision was final. NO Varsity Football this year. I asked how David was( I had a pretty good idea since Paul had called not David) He replied"He's a wreck". I think my heart broke in a few pieces.We knew it was probably coming but the kids had practiced all week hoping against hope that somehow they would get to play the game they love so much. But it is not meant to be. Too many kids could get hurt and no one, not even the players wanted that. I didn't mention this before but earlier in the week David was chosen as a Captain. The newspaper came and took his picture. Everyday he checked the paper to see it if it was in there. Now all the paper will run is a press release stating that the varsity season has been cancelled. A few minutes later David did call me. He seemed OK. I know his brother Paul helped him. Actually he said him and Paul cried together.(Such big tender hearted men!!) Paul told David that he was the best out of the three of them an he will miss seeing what he could have accomplished this year. I know this will be a learning situation. David will be OK and will find other things to occupy the time usually set aside for football. He already told me he has been helping the new JV quarterback and he wants to continue to. I , as well, will miss the Saturday afternoon or Friday night games when the air starts out warm and sometimes ends in Nov.cold with snow flurries. I am sad that Sierra won't get to see her brother play the game he loves. I am glad no one will get hurt. But right now we are all just sad....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thoughts and Prayers for my friend

You may have remembered my bloggy friend Linny. Her house burned down while e were in China. The next day her son had emergency surgery. A few months later her daughter was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor. Then her husband went to Africa on a missions trip and returned home and got very sick with Hepatitis. And another son had surgery on 2 legs. You get the picture. (Oh yeah and in January they had just returned home from Africa with 2 little toddlers!) Anyway they have been waiting for 18 months to bring their daughter Jubilee, home from China. Now china has rescinded their approval to adopt her because some paperwork has taken longer than they think it should have. They are heartbroken and are hoping that God can move a mountain. Follow along their story at They are an amazing family and really need our thoughts and prayers! Thank you!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Not so good news about football

This is getting ridiculous. I got worried today when the new high school principal called my house. You see, in my excitement this morning I wrote an email to the principal, the superintendent and the Athletic Director thanking them for helping the kids get to play. I knew we were in trouble when the principal called to see what I was talking about. He knew nothing about JV kids moving up. He said actually they had decided it wasn't an option. I didn't say anything to David before he went to practice. Well he came home with the news. Apparently the kids had misunderstood the Coach(Yeah right!!!!) and what he meant was that IF the JV kids wanted to move up he would accept them. Well the kids didn't want to move up( I wonder why?) and the adminisration hadn't changed their minds about leting them,, Could this get any worse for the kids??? My heart is breaking. They picked David and 2 other kids for captains. The newpaper came and took their pictures!!!(This all happened yesterday.) So now thery are telling the kids they will tell them after practice on Friday!!!What.!... are you kidding me!! At least tell them at the beginning so they can all go home!!!! I am so very angry right now. I am not saying another word until something is official!!!

Thank you!

This has been a roller coaster week. But we are so happy with the football outcome. The boys have a rough road ahead of them. They are playing schools with over 40 kids on the team. We have 22! And none too big!!! We need to pray for their safety but am so glad they are getting the chance. I want to thank all my bloggy friends who have been so supportive. I have felt a little guilty worrying so much about football when I KNOW there are so many other important issues the world is dealing with. But you have all understood what was going on in my 18 year old sons heart and therefore in mine as well. It is what makes us great moms!!! But I want you to read about something important. My "friend" Sharla is a fellow adoptive Mom. She is a believer, an incredible writer, and an awesome photographer. She has just returned from a mission trip to Africa. I would love for you to read her posts about her journey. We must be aware of what is going on all around us. click here and follow along. You won't be sorry you did!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The will have a Varsity team and they will be able to play their first game. They have heart!!! The powers that be finally decided to move up a few JV kids. They had not wanted to do that because it puts JV in jeopardy. I don't know what changed their minds, probably the look on these poor boys faces. Anyway they should be able to play their first game. It is going to be a long season but at least they get a chance!!!! This Mom is crying tears of joy!!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Still No Decision!

OK I was prepared, I had my tissues and everything. But the decision tonight was to make no decision until Friday. The kids are so discouraged. Even if they get enough players by Friday, they will have to forfeit their first 2 games and not play until Sept. 18th or something. Now they have been practicing since August 17th. For the first week they practiced 2 times a day. Now they are telling them that they will have to practice for 3 more weeks without playing any games, IF 8 more kids show up. And they would have to be very big kids. I was very proud of the kids tonight. They expressed their desire to not drag this out. They feel that the kids that really want to play football were sitting in that room and if there wasn't enough of them then so be it. They feel that a kid really has to have football in their hearts to play and if they aren't there and haven't been then its not in their heart. They all talked( David actually talked first) and expressed their concerns. Then they went outside to talk as a group. They came back in and said they wanted a decision tonight. But the adults wouldn't hear of it. They said you never know who might show up. I felt bad for the kids because the adults weren't really listening. They don't know what it is to practice day after day. And as David said with having to forfeit 2 games there is no chance of play offs or anything like that. So they will practice until Friday and a decision will be made. They could possibly play for another school but again he wishes they could have started that sooner. It is so frustrating and so sad. And then you have the coach wondering why kids aren't coming out for the team. I did not want it to become a let's rip the coach apart night but many of us know why. He didn't even sit with the kids.Ugh!!!!!!
David played for a Football League when he was in 4,5 and 6, grade. He loved the coaches and had a blast. It was not through school. These 2 coaches have been hired by our school to coach our modified team(7 and 8 grade) David has expressed a desire to work with them if he can't play. I know they would love to have him. But when I think of him not having his senior year to play quarterback it still makes me want to cry. I hope the issues are fixed and no other senior group has to face this. I attended this school over 30 years ago and as far as I know they have never not had a team. I will keep you all posted. David came home and cried. He is sad, discouraged, tired and frustrated. The decision tonight is prolonging the agony. Thanks for all your thoughts.

Big meeting tonight!

Well tonight we will learn the status of high school's varsity football team. It isn't looking good. Although at some practices we have had the numbers we do not have the size to safely have a team. It is very frustrating because there isn't a whole lot you can do now when your first game is scheduled less than 2 weeks away. Even if 10 very large boys showed up tomorrow they would not be eligible and as David put it" if they really wanted to play football they would have showed up before. We don't want players who don't want to be there." Its just sad all around. As I have eluded to before I have a pretty good understanding as to why our team is in this predicament. Kids will not practice in the heat for hours and days on end without some kind of reward. It doesn't always mean winning or playing the whole game, every game, but it does mean a kind word now and then, a chance to play now and then, positive feedback as well as positive crticism. It means they have to be respected both as kids and as players. I for one would not work at a job where I tried my hardest and was constantly criticized even if it paid alot of money. I certainly wouldn't do it for free!!! I feel so bad for these kids especially the Seniors. David has already said he won't play for another team at this late date. Maybe if the decision had been made earlier.... I can't imagine him missing out on his Senior year as quarterback. It is heartbreaking! I know in the whole scheme of things it is not the end of the world. There are certainly a lot worse global problems, but this is big in my 18 year old's heart...something he has worked hard for..... but it will be a lesson..something he will learn from and move forward... and maybe just maybe the news we get tonight isn't what we are all expecting! I will let you know!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Still no decision on football!

Oh these poor kids. They have practice 2 times a day. David leaves at 6:30 am, gets home at 10:00 am...tries to work a little, sleeps a little and then leaves at 5:00pm and gets home at 8:00. AND they still don't know if they will be able to play!! Now they told them they won't know until Monday, maybe. The boys are so discouraged, David is so tired and cranky. He worries that if they have to play on another team they won't know the plays etc. Their first game is supposed to be Sept.5th, yeah right!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No Football?

A picture of David quarterbacking last year!

Having 3 sons who love the game of football , you learn to love the game. This year is David's Senior year and his last to play, Imagine his disappointment when only 10 kids showed up for practice. His school, at this point probably will not be able to field a team. 9 years ago our high school team had a Cinderella run and won the State Championship. Paul and Tim were on that team and David was on the field as the water and ball boy. Now we can't get enough players to play. Many of us parents know the reason.Never underestimate the power of positive coaching and moral boosting. This has not been happening on our football team. The kids have slowly decided not to play. The final decision will be made tomorrow.I guess even if they get more kids they would have to be really big kids as that is what they are lacking. At 198 pounds David is the 2nd biggest on the team. In football you need a large front line to block and protect your players. David may have the option of playing for another school. Certainly not his first choice, but at this point he just wants to play. It is a sad situation for these kids.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What a wonderful day!!!

My sister, Beth , and I had abeautiful day up at Mohonk, Mohonk is a nationally known vacation hotel nestled in the Schwangunk Mountains. The hotel was built in the 1800s and is huge. There is a beautiful lake and many hiking trails. It is very expensive to stay there but you can get a day pass to walk around the grounds. Beth worked there years ago for a few years. I love getting the chance to go there. It's literally 10 minutes from my house. Since it was so hot we did less hiking and more sitting on the huge front porch in rocking chairs just talking!! We were also able to take the kayaks out on the lake. It used to be that you had to be a hotel guest to use them but I guess since things are slower they will let you. It was the first time for me out on Lake Mohonk!! What a treat! It was so enjoyable just to be able to spend time with my sister. I am still amazed at the surprise that Scott was able to pull off!! It was one of my best birthdays ever and also special because I had Sierra to share it with me. Last year we were so painstakingly waiting for her LOA that we didn't think about much else.What a difference a year makes!! Thanks to all who made it soooo special!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

An Incredible Evening!!!

Wow!! What an incredible evening my husband orchestrated for my birthday. He had told me we were gong out to dinner and that the older boys were busy and couldn't go. (That is the only thing I thought a little suspicious) So imagine my surprise when we entered one of my most favorite restaurants(Fosters in Rhinebeck) and there seated were the boys and Jenn and Sara, PLUS my brother and Diane and my favorite niece, Jamie, AND my sister and Debbie who drove all the way from Maryland to join us!! I was so surprised and cried with complete joy to have my entire family celebrate my birthday with me. And then to top it off I told my sister that I felt bad because I had to work today and Scott said "No you don't! I got you the day off!" (Thanks Jill for working for me!!) So Beth and I are going hiking up to Mohonk Mtn. today with a picnic lunch!!! Is he the best or what?!!!!! My camera battery died so I will post pictures when Sara sends them to me. In the mean time I am off to spend the day with my sister!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

OK, the day is here and I am not feeling so bad about it. I really wasn't sure how I felt about being 50, but now that its here I am OK! I usually love birthdays!! I believe they are days to celebrate everything good in your life. And boy do I have it good. I have a wonderful husband, 3 amazing young men for sons, and a beautiful, special little girl who has stolen my heart!!We are surrounded by extended family who I can count on for anything. I have my health,the best friends in the world ,the opportunity to stay home with Sierra, and a church family that equals no other. But truthfully the thought of turning 50 has been a little difficult for me. I am not quite sure why. I have just lived the most amazing year. I never thought that a trip to China would be apart of my life plan but oh what a fabulous journey that was!!!Anyway, I am so very grateful for all that I have in my life and I am so thankful that I am here to enjoy it all!! Its been a great ride so far!!!
So today is the last day of camp. I started doing camp when I was 25 so now I have been doing it half my life. Thanks, Sandy Barbara, Linda and Annabelle for the cake!! It was yummy! Sierra has loved going to camp with me each day and I know next week she will wonder where all her friends are!! I am so lucky to have a summer job that I can bring her to!! The kids each year teach me so much and its so much fun to see them in a setting other than school!! I am lucky indeed!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A few pictures from the past week!

These are just a few pictures from the past week. We had a big wiffle ball game at David's party. You can also see SIerra helping David blow out his candles. Daddy bought Sierra a new monkey playdough activity. She loves monkeys and playdough so it was a big hit!
Sierra had her first experience roller skating by herself...on the carpet around the rink!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

David Turns 18!!!

Boy has time flown since this guy was born. I have loved every minute of being with this young man!! I am so grateful that he was able to travel with us to China to get his new little sister.
I am posting in his honor "18 Reasons Why I Love David!!"

1. He is kind.
2. He is respectful
3. He tries hard at anything he does
4. He has a great sense of humor
5. Young children love him
6. He has a great smile
7. He is sensitive
8. He loves animals
9. He is a leader, not a follower
10. He sticks up for his stepfather whenever we have an argument!
11. He worries about his 92 year old grandmother
12. He was a great sport in China when he was sick in bed for 3 days
13. He didn't complain even though he ws very nervous about flying!
14. He still likes me to say goodnight to him
15. He is a volunteer fireman and takes it very seriously
16. His brothers and their girlfriends think he is awesome
17. He still loves to go on vacation with us ( and we love having him!! )
18. He jumped right in and his held his new scared little sister and was the only one who could get her to stop crying!
Happy birthday David!! We love you and it was sooo easy to come up with 18 reasons!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Water Fun!!!

Fun at the Town Park!

Went to Belleayre Lake with camp today!!Here she is with Baby Jamie!!

It was a gorgeous day to be in the mountains!!!

Swimming lessons with Sam. I used to babysit for Sam when she was 2 years old, now she is Sierra's swim teacher!

Sierra loves the water as everyone in this family does. But she really LOVES it!!!
And she is not afraid to try anything. She can almost already swim underwater!! And she will swim in any kind of water. Which is good because we have creeks for swimming(rocky and sometimes a little murky), nice lakes and Aunt Carol and Uncle Steve"s built in pool. And of course there is the little 5 foot round plastic pool that I bought at a yard sale for 2 dollars which I matched up with a plastic slide that someone gave me. That is what we have in our backyard and she loves that too!!! She is taking swimming lessons at our town park and they use her to show the other kids how to put there face in the water, blow bubbles etc.Oh how I love to watch her as she experiences all these things for the first time.
Swimming at Belleayre Lake