Monday, August 31, 2009

Catching up with pictures.

These are pictures of my surprise 50th birthday!

Me spotting and hugging my sister Beth!

My niece Jamie and my oldest son Tim.

My sister, Beth, me and my brother Dave!

Sierra helping me blow out the candles!

Sierra and brother Paul The whole crew!

On Thursdays Sierra and I go t our friends Debbie's Bagle shop. Sierra loves Debbie and the feeling is mutual. She gets to go behind the counter and "help". This past Thursday we decided to walk up. Really walk, with no stroller. It was a beautiful day and Sierra's first with real pig tails! She kept wanting me to stop and take her picture!

At home in the apple tree before we left!

Stopped in front of our friend Pat's house with the beautiful flowers!!

Helping Debbie behind the counter!

Picking flowers with Debbie

On the way home with flowers in hand!


  1. Well, Happy 50th! NO WAY you look 50!! Must be good genes!!! I have to say that Sierra looks TOTALLY ADORABLE with pigtails!!

  2. Well she is just too cute for words in those pigtails!!! Your town sounds so wonderful!!!