Saturday, September 5, 2009

A perfect evening!

Those who know me know I usually carry my camera everywhere. But tonight I didn't have it. But its OK because it was one of those evenings that you don't need pictures to remember, It's in my mind and my heart and will always be there. I returned home from work and Scott had the truck packed with our bikes. We drove the ten minutes up the road to the big reservoir. Scott then took out a bag that had our dinner in it.... sandwiches from my favorite deli! We sat on a rock(Scott, Sierra and I ) and ate our dinner. Then we got on our bikes and started pedaling. Its about 4 miles across and back,,but oh what a 4 miles tonight. first we saw a bald eagle sitting in the top of a dead tree. It was pretty far away but I think Sierra saw it. We watched for a few minutes and pedaled on. Next we saw some does and fawns. You can usually see them pretty close up and tonight was no exception. Then, on the way back a gentleman was kind enough to stop us and tell us that the bald eagle had now moved to a dead tree closer to the road. As we started off to go see it, another bald eagle flew right over us and disappeared. When we got to the dead tree there were TWO bald eagles sitting side by side!! We could see them as clear as day. We sat and watched for awhile and then headed back to the truck. The reservoir has a road that is now closed to cars. Only walkers and bikers can use it. There is an old bridge we have to cross. As we rode across, I happened to look over the side of the bridge and there coming up over the trees was a huge, yellow beautiful moon. It was breathtaking. We stopped and just stared. As much as I would have liked a picture, without the camera I just had to watch and gather in the beauty around me. You didn't have to say a couldn't...all you could so was stare. We finally got back to the truck just as it was getting dark. Mind you the background of this reservoir is the Catskill Mountain range. I tried to explain to Sierra that her name meant mountains...that mommy and daddy loved the mountains so much we gave her their name. It was a magical I will never forget!!! No one could doubt the power of God and his creations on a night like this!!!! And thank you Scott for thinking of it!!!

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