Monday, September 28, 2009

Let's go fly a kite!!

Even after being home a little over 8 months my heart still swells at the sound of Sierra's laughter. She was so serious and solemn in the beginning that it feels so good to see her so happy. While I was video taping this I could hear nothing but the sound of the ocean until Sierra got a little closer. Then I could hear her laughing as she ran with her kite. Needless to say by the time she reached me I was crying. crying tears of joy for her and tears of sadness for all the orphans who are not running along the beaches with their forever families. But even without the video this moment will be forever etched in my memory. It was perfect.

PS Scott was trying not to get tangled in the string. He was NOT shooing Sierra away!!!


  1. Hi Kathie,
    THANK YOU for your willingness to sponsor Ainsley or Chloe!
    I will be in touch!


  2. Hi Kathie,
    Sorry to contact you here, but I didn't see an email address for you.
    Ainsley is available!!! Thank you for your willingness to sponsor her!
    When you send in your check to PRO, please include your mailing address, email address, and phone number!

    Thank you again!
    Diana & the PRO Team