Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Keep us in your thoughts!

We've had a rough couple of days. Scott's father is facing some serious health problems. We will find out tomorrow for sure what he is dealing with. Also Scott's back went out on him on Monday. Today he can stand up and walk for about 5 minutes. He has sick time at his regular job but all the extra jobs he has been doing so I could take a leave this year, do not have sick days. If he's not there he doesn't get paid. Plus they are very physical. So it is pretty stressful around here. Please keep the 2 of them in your thoughts and prayers.

Sierra and I are having a blast. I did not feel bad at all when the school year started and I didn't go. I do miss the people I work with but I will be stopping by. We have been trying to do a little house work and a lot of fun activities each day. Here are some pictures and a video of some of our fun times and some of her just looking cute!!!
Here she is riding her 2 wheeler with training wheels for the first time. tomorrow I will post the video!
And she just had to try out Nash's skateboard!
She just looked too cute in this outfit with her pigtails.
Is this an adorable face or what.? What until you see what she was sitting in!
Who needs toys when you got an empty box!!!


  1. Kathie, Sorry you are going through a rough time. I hope things get better soon. Sierra looks so cute in those pigtails - adorable!

  2. Kathie,
    So sorry about the black cloud over the Hickade home! Scotts back will improve but will need some time to heal...don't rush it otherwise will set him back more. Prayers for Scott's dad.
    Sierra looks so grown up...she is very cute! Fun to watch the girls hair grow out!

  3. I will definately keep Scott's dad and Scott in our prayers.
    As always, Sierra is such a cutie and I know I said it last time...I LOVE those pigtails!!!

  4. Ahhh … sorry about Scott's back. Bummer! I have a curve in my back and when it goes out, I'm in PAIN. Hope it goes well for his Dad too.

    As for Sierra, she is ADORABLE (but not just in a box with pigtails!).


  5. Sorry to hear about Scott's back. My husband's did that too and I know what it is like to have a husband out of commision for awhile.

    I love Sierra's pigtails, too cute! With our recent move we have had an abudance of boxes but we had to tape them shut as soon as they were packed or Claire would "help" unpack them for us.