Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11, 2009

These pictures tell the story. In November 1999 I went with Paul's 8th grade class to Ellis Island. I took this photo in this spot because of the view.
Six years later I returned to Ellis Island with David's 8th grade class. Same spot but very different background. These 2 pictures hang on my refrigerator a constant reminder of how the scenery can change in an instant!

There are those moments frozen in time in your memory. Moments that you will always remember..perhaps your wedding, the birth of your children, the day another child joins your family...or a moment so horrific that you will always remember exactly what you were doing. Such was September 11 2001. The terrible acts that occured that day are etched in my mind and in my heart forever. From the moment I sat surrounded by 25 second graders and the teacher came over and whispered in my ear. From when I ran home at lunch time only to learn that the towers had fallen and were gone and so many people too. It was hard to go back to work then and pretend as if nothing happened but that's what we did. I remember feeling awful when a colleague announced that his children's aunt, his former wife's sister, was on one of the planes. And I remember exactly the moment when David finally looked at me and said"Mom what's wrong? What has happened?" How do you explain to a ten year old the atrocities of that day? Later that evening we were at football practice and a plane went overhead. Without fail every parent there turned their heads to the sky. Never again will a plane flying so innocently in the air be taken for granted. And oh the heroes of that day... all of them..I don't even want to start listing because I know I will miss someone! People who gave their lives trying to help so many. And the days that followed amid the grief , a coming together of our nation. Flags everywhere, songs supporting our nation, support for all volunteers, prayers being given around the world, feelings of pride among the almost unbearable grief. We should never forget that moment and ALL the moments that followed. Never should we take our safety and the safety of our loved ones for granted. And never should we forget the heroes that lost their lives for us that day.

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  1. Kathie,

    I will never forget that day as well. My friends niece was on the top floor of the tower on her first business trip and never made it out. You should be a are very descriptive and tie every thought together very well.