Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Madness!!

I am so behind on blogging.  We have done so many fun things this past month!! I will post the month in pictures!

This was at the Mid Hudson Children's Museum.   What fun we had!!
Notice Mommy in jail??

Found some little girl's crocheted hats online!   I  just love them and so does Sierra!!

The Children's Museum sponsored a Chinese Lantern Festival.  Sierrra loved watching the little girls do their Umbrella dance and a drum dance!  They had activities for the kids too!

The rain stopped in time for the St. Patricks Day Parade!!
That's brother Paul driving the truck in the parade.

She loves our friends horses.  They live right next to us so we can visit often.  She is so not afraid to feed them!!

Our Fire Co. got a new truck and that is a big deal. So we had to go check it out!! Here's Sierra with her Dad and her Pop Pop (Scott's Dad)
Sierra sitting in the new truck.
Sierra and Jen

And David is playing ball.  He was chosen Captain by his coach.
I am so proud!!!

And this is how we ended the month...with a broken wrist and Strep Throat!
But when you are sick you get to eat breakfast in Mom's bed.....
and snuggle with your friends...

And when you feel a little better you get to lounge in Dad's recliner in comfy clothes!
Happy Spring to you all!!!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

A reminder....

As we walk through life, we meet certain people  who make a lasting impression on us.  Anna was one of those people.  I met Anna when her son was a camper in the summer camp program that I instruct.  The very first thing you noticed about Anna was her smile.  Then you noticed the speed in which she moved with her crutches.  Then you might notice that she had one leg.  Anna was amazing to watch.  There wasn't much she couldn't so with her crutches and one leg that we couldn't do with two.  I  used to tease her that she pulled up and got out of her vehicle quicker than any of the other Moms.  I was amazed when she carried things with two arms and used her shoulder muscles to move her crutches.  She was an awesome Mom and a substitute Teaching Assistant in our school system.  When Sierra met her last summer she so patiently answered all Sierra's questions about her leg.  And Sierra asked a lot of questions!  But Anna answered them all and didn't mind that whenever we saw her after that Sierra would repeat to her all the things she had told her. Anna had fought a battle at a young age.  She lost her leg to cancer as a child.  She was a single Mom who had great love for her child.  She volunteered at school and was just a pleasure to be around. Her smile was infectious and she was never unkind!!  Yesterday morning I heard a call on our fire company scanner.  Because I am on leave I had not heard that Anna had  had open heart surgery in the beginning of March.  I didn't know that she was facing a new tough battle, one she hoped to win!!.  And although the fire co. ( my husband and son included) and the paramedics gave everything they had, Anna passed away.  She was 41 and leaves behind a son in third grade.  It touched me greatly.  Anna and I were not close friends but she was someone I was always happy to see and speak with.  Our small community will miss her. And although everyone who met her was amazed at the physical obstacles that she overcame on a daily basis, it was not what defined her.  She was a good person in a world where there is much unkindness.  I am  a better person for have known her and I wish her Peace.  I will be praying for her family ,especially her young son.  Please keep them in your thoughts as well.

Monday, March 22, 2010

She picked purple!!

Diagnosis:  she has a fracture of her growth plate in her wrist.  She will only have to have the cast for 2 weeks!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Trip to the ER!!

So Sierra has had her first trip to the ER.  She fell on Saturday and hurt her wrist.  It got worse as the day went on and she wouldn't use it.  So when I got home from work off we went.  They took xrays which at first they didn't think showed anything.  But she really acted like it was broken.  So they checked again and saw something that looked suspicious.  So they splinted it and wrapped it and we are off to the orthopedist tomorrow.  Today it was very swollen so something is going on.  Of course I forgot my camera but my good friend Liane works in the ER and had hers!!!

We waited a LONG time to see the Doc!!!
Missed getting a picture with the doctor but Sierra liked Tony who splinted and wrapped her up!!!

You might notice that during the long wait she lost one of her pigtails!!!
We will see what tomorrow brings!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

In Perspective...

I went to bed last night a little troubled and feeling a little guilty and not liking it.. Blog reading can do that to you.  It makes you think and sometimes makes you feel uncomfortable. And I welcome that   But I have to say my piece.  There is always much discussion on the subject of orphans.  I have admitted before that we first went into adoption as a way of extending our family...We were pretty clueless as to the plight of orphans in our world.  We also agreed to adopt through the Special Needs program.. to give a better chance to a child that might need medical care, therapy etc.  My faith and my relationship to God has changed and gotten stronger and I know God has asked in the bible for us to take care of the orphans.  And if every Christian did, take care and raise one orphan, there would be no more.  I get that.  AND I am not closed to the idea of adopting again.. I think about it all the time.  And truthfully I would take many ...if I could.  The problem lies with the "if I could part".   Why couldn't I take in 5 orphans or 10.  Of course one might think money.  Well it is a consideration. I mean we really didn't have the money to adopt Sierra,,,but she is here.  And I know we could probablydo it agian.  So why is it bothering me that I feel like I am  feeling guilty because I am not going back every year to get another child.  SO I thought about it all day and I think I have found some answers.  I take adopting a Special Needs child very all of us do. I know we are being entrusted with these childrens lives and their health.  And I  would have have to make sure they get what they need.It may entail numerous doctors appointments, therapies,counseling,meetings with teachers, the list goes on and on.  I would have to become an expert on each and every one of their needs and know what to expect so I can best be in the position to help them.  Because I want to be their best advocate.  That's who I am.  I have to make sure that I have insurance to pay for whatever they need because our income is limited and there is an end to it. I would have to be sure that they are always in a safe environment and that I can keep an eye on them and keep them from getting into things that are dangerous. I would have to be available to be with them if they needed surgery. Or staying up with them if they can not sleep and giving them my time, individually , as they so deserve. And then I realized after giving it much thought , that there IS a limit to what I can do. And my threshold is entirely different than someone elses.  And some can minister to many orphans and do it right. And they should and no one should question them!!!  Its not about giving up, or taking the easy way, or being selfish...its about knowing when the good I am trying to do is not good anymore and could be harmful...  even unintentionally.  So as I ask you not to judge someone harshly who is gong back for child number 5 or 6 or 7, also do not judge those of us who don't.  I know how much this process has changed me and the way I think about and do things.  I know I will never be the same and I hope I live my life more simply and have more joy in the things that are right in front of me.  And I will never stop trying to get the word out about all the kids who need Moms and Dads and a bed to sleep in and arms to wrap around them at night.And I hope I make a difference...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Gentle Heart!

Last January when we brought Sierra home , we knew very little about her personality.  She was quiet in China, very serious and somber most of the time.  Oh,  David could get her to laugh and giggle, but it took work.  We loved her as our girl but we didn't really know her.  I knew that God had placed her in our lives for a reason and I knew she was a good match!!  While we were in China a friend of mine who was battling cancer took a serious turn for the worse.  When we came home Sierra and I would often go and visit him.  Many times Sierra would stand by his bed and just rub or pat his hand.  It was amazing to watch this child, with so few life experiences, instinctively know what to do.  It was truly God at work.
Last week we had our annual neighborhood winter party at our neighbors house.  Sierra was busy playing with the other children when my friend Pat motioned for me to come with her.  I immediately thought" Oh no...what did Sierra do?" She is very inquisitive and sometimes does not respect boundaries.  Pat led me down the hall and slowly opened a door.  Lying in the bed in the room was Pat's 104 year old mother.  And there standing on a chair next to the bed was Sierra, gently stroking Gram's hair and talking away to her!  It made me cry.  This little girl who is so tough has such a heart for the infirmed.  She is not frightened or uncomfortable...she just loves.  I did have my camera and took a picture but I cropped it to protect Gram's diginity.  But this is what I saw when I opened the door.

Oh  how I love this child and am so blessed to have her in our lives!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

A picture speaks a thousand words!!

Although I have stated many times that our adoption journey has been an incredible and life changing experience, it has not been without its trials.  Nothing earth shattering or more than we can handle but there has been difficult bumps in the road.  Many of those bumps occured before we actually traveled and were united with Sierra. But in the year that we have been home some issues doggedly remained.  Attachment.... Something I took so for granted with my 3  boys.  From the moment they were born they began to learn who their mother was and what she did.  Sierra knew nothing about Mothers.  Not only did she not have one but she also had no role model Moms.  So she did not know,the first thing about Moms  or Dads!!  We had to teach her.  And sometimes it was painful for us.  As I have said before, she liked us well enough but she pretty much likes everyone.  I would take her to a friend's house and if she needed something she would go to her friend's mother.  Sometimes I worked on a Saturday and when I came home there was no recognition at all, nothing, nada.  Sometimes I would have to go hide and cry.  I knew it was normal but it still hurt.  Slowly we have seen a change.  It took almost a year.  I am grateful to have been able to be home and spend all day with her.  Now, sometimes she likes daddy better and sometimes me  but that's OK,  I love that she loves us both.  So imagine me getting all teary eyed this morning when she  comes upstairs and says " Mama, I made this picture of me and you!!" And I turned around and saw. And then she said "look Mama we are holding hands and we are rabbits"  Yes Sierra, we are holding hands now and I for one will never let go.  You get it now.  Mamas love you forever and they always hold your hand.  We have come such a long way.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chinese Proverb

The journey is the reward..........

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Prayer Request!!

Our church sponsors a Wed. lunch every week.  Its free to anyone in the community.  They do take donations but if you don't have money at least you know you can eat for free at the Reformed Church on Wed.  I often go and vist with the people that come... Oh...and I eat too!!! Today I sat with a woman from our church.  She has endured many hardships, has MS and was just diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer!!  She will be undergoing surgery on Monday.  She lives alone but has the support of our church behind her.  Her outlook is amazing.  She commented to me that she hopes to feel well by the summer because she has plans.  She has already been invited to some graduation parties and barbeques and doesn't want to miss them.  So God if you are listening, and I know that you are, please help this woman heal!!  "Cause this gal has plans!!!"  I was impressed with her positive attitude and so sorry she has no family to help her through this.

And if I can ask all my bloggy friends to help out and pray for this women, I would really appreciate it...and I KNOW that she would too.  Thanks so much.

Oh and I scheduled my over due mammogram this afternoon when I got home.  If there are any other procrastinators out there pick up the phone and call...NOW!!