Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Gentle Heart!

Last January when we brought Sierra home , we knew very little about her personality.  She was quiet in China, very serious and somber most of the time.  Oh,  David could get her to laugh and giggle, but it took work.  We loved her as our girl but we didn't really know her.  I knew that God had placed her in our lives for a reason and I knew she was a good match!!  While we were in China a friend of mine who was battling cancer took a serious turn for the worse.  When we came home Sierra and I would often go and visit him.  Many times Sierra would stand by his bed and just rub or pat his hand.  It was amazing to watch this child, with so few life experiences, instinctively know what to do.  It was truly God at work.
Last week we had our annual neighborhood winter party at our neighbors house.  Sierra was busy playing with the other children when my friend Pat motioned for me to come with her.  I immediately thought" Oh no...what did Sierra do?" She is very inquisitive and sometimes does not respect boundaries.  Pat led me down the hall and slowly opened a door.  Lying in the bed in the room was Pat's 104 year old mother.  And there standing on a chair next to the bed was Sierra, gently stroking Gram's hair and talking away to her!  It made me cry.  This little girl who is so tough has such a heart for the infirmed.  She is not frightened or uncomfortable...she just loves.  I did have my camera and took a picture but I cropped it to protect Gram's diginity.  But this is what I saw when I opened the door.

Oh  how I love this child and am so blessed to have her in our lives!!


  1. Sniff, sniff...beautiful! Lilly has told us about seeing children ( and adults in the SWI) die in China...I wonder if your sweet girl did any comforting to those who were sick? I am guessing she will be a great doctor one day! I am moved to tears by her care and compassion!

  2. Wow, what a heart of gold! What a precious gift God has given her. May she always minister to those in need.


  3. What an AMAZING little girl she is. I wish I could express more but I cannot seem to stop the tears from running down my face. Give her a hug from me and G!!!

  4. that is so sweet Kathie! Our little Bex is like that too. She always has a way of picking out the one(s) who need the love the most. What a little sweetie your Sierra is!

  5. mother like daughter!!! You have that same big heart that Sierra does and reach out to those in need! Sierra is a very loving little girl and you made me cry one more time!!!

  6. What a lovely story about a lovely child! OUr girls are (I believe) from the same SWI and I believe their are senior citizens living there. Perhaps that is also where she learned that she could be of comfort... or maybe she was just born with knowing -