Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Madness!!

I am so behind on blogging.  We have done so many fun things this past month!! I will post the month in pictures!

This was at the Mid Hudson Children's Museum.   What fun we had!!
Notice Mommy in jail??

Found some little girl's crocheted hats online!   I  just love them and so does Sierra!!

The Children's Museum sponsored a Chinese Lantern Festival.  Sierrra loved watching the little girls do their Umbrella dance and a drum dance!  They had activities for the kids too!

The rain stopped in time for the St. Patricks Day Parade!!
That's brother Paul driving the truck in the parade.

She loves our friends horses.  They live right next to us so we can visit often.  She is so not afraid to feed them!!

Our Fire Co. got a new truck and that is a big deal. So we had to go check it out!! Here's Sierra with her Dad and her Pop Pop (Scott's Dad)
Sierra sitting in the new truck.
Sierra and Jen

And David is playing ball.  He was chosen Captain by his coach.
I am so proud!!!

And this is how we ended the month...with a broken wrist and Strep Throat!
But when you are sick you get to eat breakfast in Mom's bed.....
and snuggle with your friends...

And when you feel a little better you get to lounge in Dad's recliner in comfy clothes!
Happy Spring to you all!!!!!

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  1. Sierra, why would you put your mom in jail!! I love the pink knit hat with the flower and the green one for St Patty's Day! What a fun week. Glad to hear that Sierra is feeling better.
    David....congrats...Hope your team does well this season! Evan is starting out with practice as well and loves baseball