Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Prayer Request!!

Our church sponsors a Wed. lunch every week.  Its free to anyone in the community.  They do take donations but if you don't have money at least you know you can eat for free at the Reformed Church on Wed.  I often go and vist with the people that come... Oh...and I eat too!!! Today I sat with a woman from our church.  She has endured many hardships, has MS and was just diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer!!  She will be undergoing surgery on Monday.  She lives alone but has the support of our church behind her.  Her outlook is amazing.  She commented to me that she hopes to feel well by the summer because she has plans.  She has already been invited to some graduation parties and barbeques and doesn't want to miss them.  So God if you are listening, and I know that you are, please help this woman heal!!  "Cause this gal has plans!!!"  I was impressed with her positive attitude and so sorry she has no family to help her through this.

And if I can ask all my bloggy friends to help out and pray for this women, I would really appreciate it...and I KNOW that she would too.  Thanks so much.

Oh and I scheduled my over due mammogram this afternoon when I got home.  If there are any other procrastinators out there pick up the phone and call...NOW!!


  1. Hi Kathie,

    I'm so sorry to hear about the lady from your church. I will definitely be praying for her. I have a close friend who is walking the same path... So hard.

  2. I'm with you on the procrastination of a mammogram. I think it's been either 2 or 3 years. That hurts!

  3. I will be praying extra hard for her this weekend at church! Mammograms are extremely important and should not be put off!!