Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our visit!!

I had looked foward to this visit with my sister and Deb for a long time. Since we have been home from China they have only been able to visit for short amounts of time with Sierra.  I wanted them to really spend some time with her and really get to know her.  So we boarded the Amtrak train, early Friday morning.  Beth was in NYC  so we met her there and she rode the rest of the way with us on the train.  We arrived in Baltimore late afternoon.  We picked up deb and headed to the Baltimore Aquarium.  What an excoting time we had. Sierra just loves any knd of animals so she was thrilled.  She could have stayed at each exhibit for probably an hour.  We had to gently move her along.  Andd then it was time for the Dolphin show and she was just mesmorized.

The next day I was soooo excited to go meet Stephe and Giorgia.  We traveled with Stephe to China...on the same plane.  Our girls were from the same Province so we spent the entire time together and of course shared that incredible experience of seeing our girls for the first time.  My poor sister was sick during the night but she got up and drove us to meet Stephe adn Giorgia then went to sleep in her car while we ate lunch and coaught up(( Thanks Beth!!!)  It was awesome to see them.  Giorgia has grown up so much in a yera.  they were both quiet at first and then warmed up.  Giprgia even told em her boyfriend was Jakey!!!  We took them over to ride the carousel.  They walded over holding hands too cute!!!!  Thanks so much Stephe for driving to meet us.  I loved seeing you both!!!!!!!

 Sierra and Aunt Deb  become fast friends!!

Thanks Beth and Deb...and Stephe and Giorgia!!!!

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  1. Looks like fun! Glad you were able to see them while you were away too, that's neat & fun!