Friday, February 12, 2010



When Scott and I returned from China...we knew we were changed.  Not just because we now had the most beautiful daughter ever!!! ( I know...I am prejudiced). But we knew that our hearts had changed and we weren't done.  Whether that means another adoption or not remains to be seen..but we knew we had to do something.  One day I came across a blog asking for sponsors for specific children.  I was surprised to see that some of the children were from Sierra's orphanage.  After looking at many sponsor sites..this one seemed to reach out and grab me.  One of the girls had a birthday the same as my parents we chose her to sponsor.  We send them 35 dollars a month.  I am not working and things are tight but we knew we had to do this and we are.  Our family has jumped on board and one month Paul and Jen  even gave us the money for sweet Ainsley.  Anyway today I was visiting their site and I see that they have a few new babies that need sponcors.  So if anyone feels so inclined PLEASE jump over to   and check it out!!!!

Update!!!    I had the wrong link but its right now!!!

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