Thursday, February 18, 2010

Off on an Adventure!!!

Tomorrow, Sierra and I head off to visit my sister in Maryland.  We are taking the Amtrak train.  I did it once with the boys when they were younger and it was soooo fun and quite a relaxing way to travel with kids!!!  And that time I had 3!!!!  We are going to the Baltimore Aquarium, hooking up with a travelmate and her daughter and feasting at a Japanese restaruant.  It should be great fun.  Of course I had hoped to get a little taste of spring while I was down there, not uncommon in Feb, but this is what we will see!!!


  1. Ooooh, I love train travel. Very fun and relaxing:) Have a great trip!

  2. I traveled in a sleeper car on a train once. It was so incredibly relaxing and romantic, I must say!!

    Have a great trip!

  3. I love the snow pictures and hope you are having a great time in MD:) Hey, I am giving away a copy of the book One Million Arrows on my blog, run by and sign up:) It's awesome!
    Enjoy your trip and the snow!

  4. I can hardly wait to see more pics....Julia would love a train ride!