Friday, August 14, 2009

OK, the day is here and I am not feeling so bad about it. I really wasn't sure how I felt about being 50, but now that its here I am OK! I usually love birthdays!! I believe they are days to celebrate everything good in your life. And boy do I have it good. I have a wonderful husband, 3 amazing young men for sons, and a beautiful, special little girl who has stolen my heart!!We are surrounded by extended family who I can count on for anything. I have my health,the best friends in the world ,the opportunity to stay home with Sierra, and a church family that equals no other. But truthfully the thought of turning 50 has been a little difficult for me. I am not quite sure why. I have just lived the most amazing year. I never thought that a trip to China would be apart of my life plan but oh what a fabulous journey that was!!!Anyway, I am so very grateful for all that I have in my life and I am so thankful that I am here to enjoy it all!! Its been a great ride so far!!!
So today is the last day of camp. I started doing camp when I was 25 so now I have been doing it half my life. Thanks, Sandy Barbara, Linda and Annabelle for the cake!! It was yummy! Sierra has loved going to camp with me each day and I know next week she will wonder where all her friends are!! I am so lucky to have a summer job that I can bring her to!! The kids each year teach me so much and its so much fun to see them in a setting other than school!! I am lucky indeed!!!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! I don't know if this is good to say, but I will say you surely don't look 50!!! I would've never guessed. I also think children keep us looking and feeling young, don't you think? Hope you have something wonderful planned w/ your family!!! :)))

  2. Happy Birthday to You....Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday dear Kathie....Happy Birthday to you....and many more. I have a card but I need an address!! You go girlfriend!!! Have a terrific day and celebrate celebrate celebrate!!