Monday, August 24, 2009

Big meeting tonight!

Well tonight we will learn the status of high school's varsity football team. It isn't looking good. Although at some practices we have had the numbers we do not have the size to safely have a team. It is very frustrating because there isn't a whole lot you can do now when your first game is scheduled less than 2 weeks away. Even if 10 very large boys showed up tomorrow they would not be eligible and as David put it" if they really wanted to play football they would have showed up before. We don't want players who don't want to be there." Its just sad all around. As I have eluded to before I have a pretty good understanding as to why our team is in this predicament. Kids will not practice in the heat for hours and days on end without some kind of reward. It doesn't always mean winning or playing the whole game, every game, but it does mean a kind word now and then, a chance to play now and then, positive feedback as well as positive crticism. It means they have to be respected both as kids and as players. I for one would not work at a job where I tried my hardest and was constantly criticized even if it paid alot of money. I certainly wouldn't do it for free!!! I feel so bad for these kids especially the Seniors. David has already said he won't play for another team at this late date. Maybe if the decision had been made earlier.... I can't imagine him missing out on his Senior year as quarterback. It is heartbreaking! I know in the whole scheme of things it is not the end of the world. There are certainly a lot worse global problems, but this is big in my 18 year old's heart...something he has worked hard for..... but it will be a lesson..something he will learn from and move forward... and maybe just maybe the news we get tonight isn't what we are all expecting! I will let you know!


  1. I am saying a prayer!!! Keep us posted!

  2. It is a big thing to a kid that age, and of course to the mama-bear as well. My heart goes out to you guys and praying something does work out for him. His senior year really should be that special year he will remember forever and ever!