Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Not so good news about football

This is getting ridiculous. I got worried today when the new high school principal called my house. You see, in my excitement this morning I wrote an email to the principal, the superintendent and the Athletic Director thanking them for helping the kids get to play. I knew we were in trouble when the principal called to see what I was talking about. He knew nothing about JV kids moving up. He said actually they had decided it wasn't an option. I didn't say anything to David before he went to practice. Well he came home with the news. Apparently the kids had misunderstood the Coach(Yeah right!!!!) and what he meant was that IF the JV kids wanted to move up he would accept them. Well the kids didn't want to move up( I wonder why?) and the adminisration hadn't changed their minds about leting them,, Could this get any worse for the kids??? My heart is breaking. They picked David and 2 other kids for captains. The newpaper came and took their pictures!!!(This all happened yesterday.) So now thery are telling the kids they will tell them after practice on Friday!!!What.!... are you kidding me!! At least tell them at the beginning so they can all go home!!!! I am so very angry right now. I am not saying another word until something is official!!!

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