Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thoughts and Prayers for my friend

You may have remembered my bloggy friend Linny. Her house burned down while e were in China. The next day her son had emergency surgery. A few months later her daughter was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor. Then her husband went to Africa on a missions trip and returned home and got very sick with Hepatitis. And another son had surgery on 2 legs. You get the picture. (Oh yeah and in January they had just returned home from Africa with 2 little toddlers!) Anyway they have been waiting for 18 months to bring their daughter Jubilee, home from China. Now china has rescinded their approval to adopt her because some paperwork has taken longer than they think it should have. They are heartbroken and are hoping that God can move a mountain. Follow along their story at They are an amazing family and really need our thoughts and prayers! Thank you!!

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