Monday, August 24, 2009

Still No Decision!

OK I was prepared, I had my tissues and everything. But the decision tonight was to make no decision until Friday. The kids are so discouraged. Even if they get enough players by Friday, they will have to forfeit their first 2 games and not play until Sept. 18th or something. Now they have been practicing since August 17th. For the first week they practiced 2 times a day. Now they are telling them that they will have to practice for 3 more weeks without playing any games, IF 8 more kids show up. And they would have to be very big kids. I was very proud of the kids tonight. They expressed their desire to not drag this out. They feel that the kids that really want to play football were sitting in that room and if there wasn't enough of them then so be it. They feel that a kid really has to have football in their hearts to play and if they aren't there and haven't been then its not in their heart. They all talked( David actually talked first) and expressed their concerns. Then they went outside to talk as a group. They came back in and said they wanted a decision tonight. But the adults wouldn't hear of it. They said you never know who might show up. I felt bad for the kids because the adults weren't really listening. They don't know what it is to practice day after day. And as David said with having to forfeit 2 games there is no chance of play offs or anything like that. So they will practice until Friday and a decision will be made. They could possibly play for another school but again he wishes they could have started that sooner. It is so frustrating and so sad. And then you have the coach wondering why kids aren't coming out for the team. I did not want it to become a let's rip the coach apart night but many of us know why. He didn't even sit with the kids.Ugh!!!!!!
David played for a Football League when he was in 4,5 and 6, grade. He loved the coaches and had a blast. It was not through school. These 2 coaches have been hired by our school to coach our modified team(7 and 8 grade) David has expressed a desire to work with them if he can't play. I know they would love to have him. But when I think of him not having his senior year to play quarterback it still makes me want to cry. I hope the issues are fixed and no other senior group has to face this. I attended this school over 30 years ago and as far as I know they have never not had a team. I will keep you all posted. David came home and cried. He is sad, discouraged, tired and frustrated. The decision tonight is prolonging the agony. Thanks for all your thoughts.

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  1. Hi Kathie, I'm finally catching up on what's been happening with you and your family and I am just so sorry... As a mom of sons, I know how they love their sports... I know how I love their sports. It sounds like the boys are handling this more maturely than the adults making the decision. Isn't it sad when people won't look in the mirror and take responsibility for their actions and the consequences of their actions (thinking of the coach.)