Friday, August 28, 2009

It's Final!

There are times as parents that your heart just breaks because of the pain your child is in. It could be physical or emotional. The times when you wish there was something you could do to ease their pain...but there is nothing you can do. You always wish you could transfer their pain to yourself. Tonight was one of those nights. Scott, Sierra and I were at Dutchess County's big Fair. Scott's cell phone rang and it was my middle son Paul. He said David had just arrived at his house and the decision was final. NO Varsity Football this year. I asked how David was( I had a pretty good idea since Paul had called not David) He replied"He's a wreck". I think my heart broke in a few pieces.We knew it was probably coming but the kids had practiced all week hoping against hope that somehow they would get to play the game they love so much. But it is not meant to be. Too many kids could get hurt and no one, not even the players wanted that. I didn't mention this before but earlier in the week David was chosen as a Captain. The newspaper came and took his picture. Everyday he checked the paper to see it if it was in there. Now all the paper will run is a press release stating that the varsity season has been cancelled. A few minutes later David did call me. He seemed OK. I know his brother Paul helped him. Actually he said him and Paul cried together.(Such big tender hearted men!!) Paul told David that he was the best out of the three of them an he will miss seeing what he could have accomplished this year. I know this will be a learning situation. David will be OK and will find other things to occupy the time usually set aside for football. He already told me he has been helping the new JV quarterback and he wants to continue to. I , as well, will miss the Saturday afternoon or Friday night games when the air starts out warm and sometimes ends in Nov.cold with snow flurries. I am sad that Sierra won't get to see her brother play the game he loves. I am glad no one will get hurt. But right now we are all just sad....


  1. Oh Kathie, I am just so sad for you and David and the rest of your family. Sending hugs!

  2. Kathie, I am so sorry! I can't believe it worked out this way. Sometimes life is just so unfair. A really tough lesson for your son to learn. I'm so sorry! ((((HUGS))))

    P.S. on a happier note, your guess is RIGHT! The day we left last year! Same day!!!

  3. I'm so sad for David... I loved watching my son play football and other sports. Perhaps he can help a younger team. I don't know if you have Pop Warner or not.. From what Donna told me about David he is a wonderful young man and I know he will find a way to channel his energy for the good. Linda (Laurens Gramma )