Saturday, August 15, 2009

An Incredible Evening!!!

Wow!! What an incredible evening my husband orchestrated for my birthday. He had told me we were gong out to dinner and that the older boys were busy and couldn't go. (That is the only thing I thought a little suspicious) So imagine my surprise when we entered one of my most favorite restaurants(Fosters in Rhinebeck) and there seated were the boys and Jenn and Sara, PLUS my brother and Diane and my favorite niece, Jamie, AND my sister and Debbie who drove all the way from Maryland to join us!! I was so surprised and cried with complete joy to have my entire family celebrate my birthday with me. And then to top it off I told my sister that I felt bad because I had to work today and Scott said "No you don't! I got you the day off!" (Thanks Jill for working for me!!) So Beth and I are going hiking up to Mohonk Mtn. today with a picnic lunch!!! Is he the best or what?!!!!! My camera battery died so I will post pictures when Sara sends them to me. In the mean time I am off to spend the day with my sister!!!!


  1. Way to go Scott..... Kathie,I am so happy that you had such a nice surprise..You deserve it!!
    Happy Birthday!!!! Miss all of You
    John is looking forward to the visit...wish I could come too!


  2. Happy late birthday! It sounds like you had a great one.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'll be praying for Sierra...that she will start gaining some weight and be completely free from that little bug.