Sunday, January 2, 2011

So far behind!!

I have been so poor at updating my blog lately.  I hope I still have some readers left!!  I still have some great Disney pics and stories I want to share but I figure I will catch up from the holidays.  It was a wonderful Christmas, simple with tons of time with family.  Its the way I would like it to be.  Sierra was a bit overwhelmed with the attention and was not her usual cheerful self.   It only proves my point...simple is better.  Sierra had a week off from preschool and we had fun spending it together.  I have to return to my full time job on Jan. 31(after a 2 year leave) so I we are trying to have as  much fun as possible.  I really can't imagine what it is going to be like but summer vacation is not too far away.  I have NEVER had to work before my kids were in school but I have been blessed to have these 2 years home with her.( I should clarify that when my boys were little I did home child care for 14 I did work but I got to stay home!!!)  The preschool she attends has an all day class plus before and after care and after all.....both Scott and I are done with work at 3:30!!!  She likes going for 3 hours a day for now but the change to all day will be tough for her too.  But.....
So we have some fun things planned.  In 2 weeks we will be traveling about an hour and 15 minutes to meet a family we met briefly in China.  We have been cyber friends for a while and just realized that we live about 2-21/2 hours away so we are planning a meeting soon.. Can't wait!!
We hope to visit a nearby Children's Museum with another friend too!
I am also going to re organize my house so that while I am working things will be easier to keep neat.  I really need a dumpster to get rid of so much stuff we don't need.  But we are planning a yard sale in the spring and much stuff will be there!!  Wish me luck on this!!
I am still working at the farm 3 mornings a week and will miss it when I leave.  It is fun to work doing physical labor and I won't have as much of that in the school.

Here are some shots of the past week or so.  We have had very cold weather, snow, and unseasonably warm weather...all in the same week!!  I got some cross country skiing I was happy.  Hopefully there is more snow coming this weekend!!

My buried car!!
 A winter wonderland!
 Sierra's brother Paul has a snow mobile and came over to give Sierra a ride.  Again we are so lucky to have over a hundred acres behind our house perfect for snowmobiling and cross country skiing!


 Go!!!  And look who is driving all by herself!!

Sierra drew this picture of me the other day.  I thought it was pretty good!!  I loved the detail in the eyes!!

So I wish everyone a Happy,Healthy and safe New Year!!  Please continue praying for my friend. She will need our prayers and support in the coming months!!  It is a reminder to all of us that we can not take good health for granted.  No one is immune from serious illness.


  1. Happy New Year my friend!

    First, enjoy your time meeting up with your cyber friend ... sounds like a lot of fun!

    Secondly, wow - 2 years already! Where has the time gone! Best of luck as you go back to work. I'm sure it's going to be tough on all of you but the summer will be here before you know it.

    Blessings to you & yours Kathie!

  2. She certainly has grown. We don't have any snow in Pennsylvania, hope it stays away. Hope her preschool continues to go well. Looking forward to more updates. Blessings