Wednesday, May 6, 2009


On Tuesday Sierra and I had a wonderful surprise. A family that I met online through Sierra's orphanage yahoo group, was coming shopping near to my home. They called to see if we could meet them for lunch. Of course we said yes!!! It was such a pleasure meeting this family. All three children were adopted, one from India and 2 from China. The daughter Melody was adopted from the same orphanage as Sierra. And lttle Steven is exactly one week older than Sierra. Emily , the oldest is a delight! The kids had a blast. We met at the mall food court which is quite empty on a week day , so the kids could have some fun. Here are some pictures from that fun day!

Sierra and Melody

Sierra and Steven. They were too cute together!!

The four of them walking through the mall, right before Sierra broke free and started running down the corridor. ( And of course Steven quickly followed!!!)

Thanks Wendy for setting this up. We will do it again real soon!!!

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  1. What a wonderful time! Don't you just love the friends & connections made via the blessing of adoption?