Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fun with new friends!!!!

Today we met with my friend Wendy and her 3 children Emily, Melody and Steven. Melody is from the same orphanage as Sierra and Steven is the same age but from a different part of China

First we met at a park!!

After we were done at the park we went to their house for lunch and fun in the sprinkler. It was Sierra's first time as far as I know!! She looked too cute in her bathing suit. Oh and they had two of Sierra's favorite things.... baby ducks and a cat!!! The rest of the pictures speak for themselves. Thanks Wendy, Emily, Melody, and Steven, we had a wonderful time!!!!

My favorite!!!!


  1. Kathie

    Sierra looks as if she is having a terrific time in the sprinkler. She is adorable in that suit!!!!! I love the pics of her with the duckling and cat. Sorry I have missed your call. Julia and I have been at Doctor appts and to the park as the warm temps and sunshine!


  2. Oh, I just LOVE that last photo!! It's one of those classic childhood memory type photos. I LOVE it!!!!

  3. Sierra looks so happy... Love the last 2 pictures. Isn't it wonderful what a gift our families were given of these girls.. Lauren is just like a little parrot who repeats everything you say.. She also has a great spirit, is growing more and more comfortable. Donna went back to work and Baba is taking care of her till he finds work, so she is adjusting to not having Mama home, but doing well. Linda

  4. Kathie -great photos!! My kids had such a great time with Sierrra. Emily LOVED seeing herself on someone else's blog. :)