Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Sad Goodbye

A few weeks ago I posted about a dear friend whose husband ( also a dear friend ) was battling cancer. This morning Art passed away with his wife and daughter by his side. Yesterday Sierra and I went and said our goodbyes to one of the most incredible men I have ever known. I am so glad that Sierra had a chance to meet him. Art was always a morning person so it was no surprise that he was taken to heaven as the sun was rising and the birds were beginning to sing. There is more to this story. Art was very close to his mother. His younger brother had died as a child leaving Art as a only child. After Art's father died Harriet (Art's mother ) came and lived across the road from Art and Ellen. When visiting Harriet she always mentioned the fact ( many times) what a wonderful son Art was ( and he was). Don't worry Ellen, she ALWAYS mentioned what a wonderful wife he picked and how much she loved her grandchildren. Harriet has been in a nursing home and recently her health has declined. Last Saturday she stopped eating on the same day that Art stopped eating. And at 7:00pm last night exactly 12 hours before her beloved son, Harriet passed away. Neither was aware of the others imminent end. None of us that knew Art or his mother believe that this was a coincidence. There is a bond between mother and child like no other. And then there is Ellen, a wife who so lovingly cared for the man she has loved most of her life ( they were high school sweethearts) and now is planning the funerals of both her husband and mother in law. My heart and my prayers go out to this family and I am asking all of you to please pray for them also. Art and Ellen have always been best friends and although no one has wanted to see him suffer it is hard for any of us to imagine life without Art in it. I have no doubt he is in a better place and is free from pain and discomfort. I also know his family's hearts are broken and I hope for them some peace. I will miss you Art, you have given us all so much!!!


  1. oh my Kathie, I didn't even know these people and you have me in tears just reading about this wonderful family. Please accept our condolences - what a loss.

    and yes, their family will be in our prayers.

  2. Prayers for the family and for your family also to help you through this terrible time. You have been given much to have these people in your life and a part of them will be with you always.. Linda