Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baseball is here, spring is in the air!!!

Sierra and I have attended quite a few baseball games in the last 2 weeks. David is on Varsity this year and they had 4 games last week. Of course the only one I didn't go to was the one they won!!! Luckily Sierra seems to enjoy them although she can't understand why David and Paul(her other brother is the assistant coach) can't come and talk to her when she calls them. I love that Paul is helping out with the team. He played JV and Varsity ball on the same team when he was in high school. The coach is a good friend of Paul's and asked Paul if he wanted to help out. He has been doing it for 3 years now. The Mom in me gets a little mad that the school district will pay for multiple coaches in other sports but will only pay one coach for baseball. but I give Paul credit, he volunteers all his time. He makes most practices and all the games. The kids seem to like him and this year he has David on the team. David has been playing back up first base, usually when the first basemen is pitching. He has done well. He went in to pitch during one game but that did not go as well. Everyone was struggling pitching that game. Today they have a game and it is COLD outside!!! I can't believe its supposed to be 85 on Saturday. Today its 50, cloudy and very windy!!! Not fun to sit out in this!!!
Dave pitching
Sierra found a pile of small pebbles behind the dugout. I had a plastic container in the car so she put a bunch of pebbles in it. Then she tried to carry it over to me! She did not realize how heavy it was.
Nothing like a backwards baseball cap to make a cute picture!!

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  1. Baseball has started for Ryan too ... his first game was tonight but the girls had to miss because they had gymnastics. Emma wasn't happy about missing his first game at all. She LOVES the ballpark but I think it has more to do with the concession stand than it does Ryan's baseball playing :-)