Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thinking and praying for those of you who are so close!

I remember thinking while we were waiting so long for Sierras LOA that I certainly hope nothing will happen to cause us to wait even longer. I was thinking of the SARS problem which caused so many families a delay in getting their children. Although we waited a long time for our paperwork, nothing else, well except the holidays, stood in our way. My heart is so heavy today for those families who are so close to getting their children only to be told that due to the Swine Flu, travel to China will be delayed. It is still unknown to what extent, but there will probably be some delay. I can only imagine the heartache this is causing these families. It is hard enough falling in love with a child half way around the world, coming real close to getting to go and then this!!! I hope and pray their wait is short and they soon will be united with their children!
My friend's niece Sara and Sierra visiting a petting farm. (A place that is beautiful and I am lucky enough to work at part time)
There is nothing cuter than a baby lamb!
Yesterday Sierra and I visited Grace and her Mom, Jill again. They had a great time trying to spoon out the tadpole eggs that were in this pail.
Sierra was watching Grace the whole time today, trying to do everything she was doing. She was looking sideways to see if Grace was smiling!!!!

After Dave's baseball game today Sierra was carrying... what else... sunflower seeds!!!

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  1. Too cute! I can only imagine how much that must tickle you to see her imitating other kiddos. and the sunflower seeds, that's really funny!