Thursday, April 2, 2009

First fever (here)

Despite the beautiful weather today, my precious little Sierra is sick. She seemed fine this morning. We went to the bagel place and hung out with friends, stopped by where Daddy was working to say hi and then went to the elementary school and played with the kids at recess. She went up and down the slide a dozen times!! When I picked her up to put her in the car she felt hot to me. Sure enough when I took her temp it was over 100. She's been a trooper though and wants to keep going. Don't know exactly what it is, she's eating and drinking. But its just too sad to see them not quite right. Of course I felt the same way in China when 17 year old David was sick, but at least he could tell me what hurts!!! The best part about not working is I don't have to worry about tomorrow, we can just sit and chill the day away. Unless we take a trip to the doctors. I will pray she feels better tomorrow!

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