Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Trip to the Dentist

Yesterday I took Sierra to her first visit to the dentist. Now, the dentist is 3/4 of a mile up the road, he and his wife both went to high school with me, the receptionist graduated with me and I used to work there. So I knew it couldn't go too badly. And it went great!!! While I was still filling out paper work , the hygienist came and took her to the exam room, When I joined them a few minutes later Sierra was asking for another ride up in the chair! The hygienist counted her teeth, checked them for soft spots and then cleaned them with vanilla flavored toothpaste, Then Dr. Parker came in to take a look!! Her teeth look great and that is good news. It is not always the case with adopted children who may not have had dental care prior to this. At least her first appointment went well!!!

Showing the hygienist how she brushes her teeth,

Sierra and Dr. Parker. He is so good with kids!!
PS Of course I forgot my camera! Thanks to my friend Denise (the receptionist) who took these with her phone and then emailed them to me!!!!

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  1. Hello Kathie! I know I haven't emailed you back but I certainly haven't forgotten about you either. I didn't realize you have a blog, but hooray! Now I can follow you and show Sierra's pictures to Naia when we get home. Your family is just beautiful. ~Raina