Monday, October 19, 2009

Sierra and little Peanut

My older boys have been involved in 4H for over 14 years. They got their first cows when Tim was 12 (now 26) and Paul was 10( will be 24 next week). One of those cows, Milky Way is still alive although she is quite old and not feeling too well! Anyway, my kids love these cows as pets, especially Tim and David. When you breed a cow for a dairy farm, you always hope to have females so they can be bred and then milked. David has a friend who owns a dairy farm. One of his cows gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. The only problem is that girl twins are usually infertile, therefore not much use to a dairy farmer. But David's friend is as kind hearted as David is. They hatched a plan and decided that David should take this calf and raise it as a pet. So now, behind David's grandmothers house lives little Peanut. She is a sweetie. David gets up every morning before school and drives over to his grandma's to give Peanut milk. He does it again in the evening. The other day he brought Sierra over to meet her. The pictures tell the story.
Sierra running out to meet Peanut
Feeding her some hay.
Up close and personal!!!
Comet, David's cow, playing mother to Peanut. So sweet to watch!!!

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  1. that's just too sweet! brings back lots of memories, we bottle fed some calves when we were little and then another time a colt. sure makes for sweet childhood memories!