Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Perry!!!

We returned home from camping and I remembered it was my uncles' eightieth something birthday( I think 82 or 83). Anyway I decided to take Sierra over for a visit. My uncle, my Dad's brother, lives only 2 miles away. My Dad died 15 years ago but we have remained close to my uncle. My aunt and uncle were thrilled when we adopted Sierra. They had traveled to China 10 years ago and my uncle has had a soft spot for Asian children ever since. We had such a nice visit. Sierra loves talking and asking a lot of questions. They loved answering them. My cousin Susan was there also as an added treat. My uncle is an amazing man. He is a person of great faith as his Dad was a minister when they were growing up. He is a landscaper who owns his own business and still works full time. He climbs and cuts down trees, mows lawns, plants and cares for gardens and in the winter shovels the sidewalks and driveways of his "older" customers, many who are much younger than he!!!! I am so grateful that I remembered and went to see him. Of course I didn't bring my camera but my aunt did take some pictures and when I get copies I will post them. Happy Birthday Uncle Perry!! I am so glad you ae in my life!!

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