Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some more fall fun!!!

While we were camping this weekend Scott, David and Sierra went pumpkin picking. I had to work but I loved these photos!!Its a cute place down the road from the campground. They have wagons to go out in the field a pick.

Sierra looks so confident in this!!
Scott said that Sierra found her pumpkin, picked it up, then before he knew what she was doing threw it aside and bent back down to pick up.....


Having fun carving the pumpkin...

Look at her face......

Scott and David are the best jack-o-lantern carvers I know!!!


  1. Once again, David gets major brownie points for being the best brother ever in my book! It looks like Sierra has an absolute ball with him.

    Great pumpkin pics...what fun!

  2. ohhhhh.... was it a Barred Tiger Salamander? I just sound smart... we found one big one in our stairwell last week! The kids loved it!

    Thanks for your hello on Hunter's blog- looks like you are all doing well. We are busy as usual, doing well over all. Nate has come a long ways in 10 months for which we are very thankful. We adore this little man and feel so blessed that God chose us to be his family!

    Ceck out some new pictures at our blog!

  3. Sierra and David look as if they are having some fun! I had to show John the pumpkin carvings since that is his specialty and he was impressed by them! Happy Haunting!!