Saturday, October 3, 2009

Harvest Moon festival

Today was China's Harvest Moon or Mid Autumn Festival. I wanted to do something special. A friend and I are attending a celebration put on by the Families With Children from China chapter of the Hudson Valley. That celebration is on Oct. 23rd. The Chinese typically eat round food for the festival.So tonight when I got home from work we had hamburgers and potato tots. Instead of traditional Moon Cakes we had small whoopee pies. And then we went to a local farm that offers Full Moon hayrides at night. It was beautiful!! The moon was full and it wasn't cold at all. They also had a bounce house which Sierra loved. She is not happy unless she is bouncing around anyway so this was a perfect activity for her!!! Its also pretty fun in the dark!!!

This is not a great picture but the only one I got with the moon in the background!
So I hope each year to come up with more and more ways to celebrate this holiday!! I love the Fall and I also love Full Moons so its great to have a reason to celebrate it!!! On the way to the farm Sierra was talking to David and Paul(who are in Mass. for a Patriots football game..Thanks Aunt Beth!!) and she said "I am going on a hayride. I am so happy!!!" As I have said doesn't get much better than that!!!

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  1. Oh man...the Patriots stadium is only 8 minutes from our house!!