Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween and a special request!!!

Boy, Sierra's first Halloween was a delight. We had so much fun t rick or treating. She really got the hang of it and would not let us walk with her up to the doors. ( Of course we only went to people we knew. Then afterwards we went to Paul's girlfriend's parents house. Her Dad loves Halloween and does a Halloween extravaganza at his house. It is complete with music, 2 bouncy houses, special light effects and a real "crashed airplane in his front yard. Oh yeah and cotton candy, candied apples, popcorn etc. It was a blast!! Here are some pictures.
Of course I had the camera on the wrong setting but this was her first official "trick or treat" knowck at Aunt Carol's and Uncle Steve's!!
Aunt Carol giving her treats!!!

A group shot with cousins Jake( the Headless Horseman), Ben and friend Andrew!

Don't get nervous!! Our friends Cathy and George live down a long driveway. So after stopping at the neighbors at the top, Scott let Sierra help him drive down the rest of the driveway!

Cathy and George weren't home but Colin was there to give out the candy!!!

No words necessary!!

I have a special request. I had mentioned a while back that Sierra was to have surgery this fall to correct a deformity in her right thumb. Well the time has come and tomorrow we are off to the hospital. We arrive at 6:30 am and we hopefully are one of the first surgeries. It is a minor repair, but any time a child has to go under anaesthesia, it is not minor. So please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We should be home by early afternoon, complete with a cast that goes above her elbow.


  1. Awe, Sierra will be in our thoughts and prayers! I hope all goes well and quick tomorrow. Sending you all big fat hugs. Please let us know asap how everything turns out. Miss ya! Stephe Giorgia

  2. Too cute!

    Please let us know how her surgery went this a.m.!

  3. I love the witch costume!! Trick or Treat is soo much fun! I said some prayers for a speedy recovery!!